Write a story (include how to make a character outline for a story and how to make a plot line for a story and do's/dont's)

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Writing a Story

A story has three major sections, which we all know, the beginning, middle and the end.

Beginning: is the one that identifies the person telling the story, it is also the one that provides the description of the location of the story the time when it takes place and it also introduce the major and minor characters of the story. Also in this part will be the obstacle that the lead character will encounter.

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Middle: this part of the story is where the lead character tries to overcome the obstacle that was described in the beginning of the story.

Ending: This is how the writer tells how the story ends, how it did turn out what happened, if the lead character was able to solve the obstacle or not.


  • The story characters should be believable, most stories the spotlight goes to the protagonist of the story, other characters are the ones that help the main character or the ones that causes the conflict.
  • How do you make the characters believable, you have to use your imagination to make your character appears to be real, for this you have to visualize your characters in your mind, like how do they talk, walk and how do they look like, how do you picture them. You should imagine like even the way they smile, if they have any mannerism their traits etc.
  • This is how you outline the character, by imagining and visualizing each character traits and how they are.
  • You first need to think about the main character, visualize how the main character looks like, the manner and everything. * You then visualize the next character, the one that caused the conflict. Then the other character could be the one that helps the main character.


  • The plot is the one that tells how the lead character behave during the conflict or obstacle, usually the conflict is caused by another character, basically the plot shows both sides how do the other character caused the obstacle and on what are the attempts of the lead character to overcome the conflict.
  • Just like in a game, when someone is broadcasting an event or the current game status, the reporter can't just comment and provide information about the opponent, but the reporter will provide the standing and how both sides are doing.
  • To create a plot line introduce the event that triggers the action of the story, like for example a decision to try something new, or a painful feeling, an accident or meeting someone.
  • Then develop the details to describe the conflict. Like for example the character is struggling between his/her conscience and desire or conflict between family and friends, or maybe a struggle between the law and some catastrophe.
  • Then develop the details that the characters in the story will struggle against, like their fears, misfortunes or challenges.
  • Then next the details on how the main character will overcome the obstacles, maybe with the help of others, or from a feeling of love, or an incident that made the character stronger.
  • Then finally the resolution, like the character became successful or if the character accepts the shortcomings.
  • Do not create too many characters as some may lose their purpose.
  • Do not create too many events or obstacles, you have to make sure that you have to focus only on few and among those choose one main event. Too many incidents provide so many conflicts, you have to stick to your goal
  • You have to complete the action of the story, resolve the conflict or an outcome that is logical.

Other Things to Consider When Writing a Story

  1. 1
    Be original
    The possibilities for a storyline are endless. There will definitely be no two stories that will be exactly the same. In other words, there is no reason to actually copy a story from another person. You just have to be creative enough to think of ways to translate your ideas into writing.
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  2. 2
    Do not write a story to offend another person
    While it is always the case that writers draw inspiration from a real person and situation that they have personally encountered, it should not be done in a way that would offend another person. It will help to not write exact situations and names and be more creative in actually representing the situation.
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    Give justice to real people's identities if you have to use them in the story
    There are stories that would have characters being in situations that are close to reality. For example, that person is about to vote and you use real candidates for that particular year. If you must use real people in your story, consider that you have given justice to their character. Do not portray anything too negative that may ruin their character. Some readers may have the tendency to be too engrossed by the characters and if you do mention anything that's too negative about your real characters, you may end up creating a gossip-like information in the minds of your readers.
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  4. 4
    Know your genre
    As a story writer, you have some flexibility in terms of how you would really like to mix and match the different elements of a story. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that it's always good to fall in a genre so that your readers really understand what your story is all about. For example, if you make a disorganized mix of fantasy and real-life drama, you may end up confusing your readers as to the personality behind your characters.
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    Use good and tasteful language
    Nothing beats a material that uses impeccable language and grammar. Also, choose words that are tasteful enough that will keep your readers hooked.
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