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Many people send text messages or SMS messages at least a few days out of the week, if not every day. You may use text messages in order to talk with your friends, to discuss the details of a meeting, or to exchange data. A text message may also be a good way to put a smile on a loved one's face at the beginning of the day. While it may have already crossed your mind to send a nice good morning text message to a woman that you like or love, you might not be doing it very often, or you may not know how or where to start. If you are unsure of how to begin, we are happy to help you! We also have a guide on how to write sweet goodnight texts for her, in case you want to make her smile not only in the morning but before going to bed as well!

Think about your relationship with her

Bear in mind that based on your relationship, there is a huge difference in how you should behave toward a woman. Depending on whether she is your friend, girlfriend, or wife, you may choose different types of messages.

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    At the beginning of your relationship, you should make sure to keep more distance.
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    Start sending morning text messages by simply saying, "Good morning
    Have a nice day!"
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    Don't send text messages that are too romantic or personal, as she may think you are bothersome or worse, just plain crazy.
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If you write a short, simple and pleasant text message, you can be sure that you will make her morning better, without making her feel any pressure. Of course if you're already in a relationship with this woman, feel free to write more and be a little more personal, as the earliest stages of your relationship have passed. She'll be more comfortable around you, and you'll better know what not to say.

When should you write?

If you don't know her schedule, try not to write too early. If you are a person who starts their day at 6 or 7 a.m., it doesn't mean that she does the same. A very neutral time for a morning text is usually 9 or 10 a.m. At this time, most people are already working or studying unless they have night shifts . Even if she receives a text from you in the middle of fulfilling her morning work duties, it will still be a nice start to the day. If your relationship is more mature, such as you are already an official couple or even married, it is more likely that you know her daily routines or plans. Possessing information about the time she usually wakes up may be very helpful if you want her to see the text message from you right after she opens her eyes!

How often should you write?

Do not write too often. What we mean by "too often" is actually "do not write every day". This rule does not only concern writing text messages, but many other things we do in our daily lives. The more access we have to something, the less we appreciate it. So if you're going to send her sweet morning texts every day, she will unintentionally stop treating them as something special. They will simply lose their value and charm. You can try to text her once in two or three days. It will still be a surprise! Additionally, try not to overwhelm her with a high amount of messages. It is definitely better to write one message instead of ten.

What should you write?

If you aren't feeling creative, turn to VisiHow. We have a wealth of information and texts that you can use to get inspired and create something perfect. We've listed just a few examples below:

  • "Hello my beautiful. Good Morning, and as always I'm thinking of you".
  • "A good morning to the woman that stole my heart. Kisses".

Also remember that personal, creative messages are often the best. When composing a text, try to include something that she may associate with you, with your common memories, or with beautiful moments that you spent together. If you know that she has some plans for the upcoming day, or that this day will be difficult for her, you can also show her your support. In this way, you will underline the fact that you listen to her and that you do not forget about what she told you.

Additional Tips

  • Obviously, the better you know her, the easier it will be to write a sweet morning text for her.
  • No matter the stage of your relationship with her, you can still write something nice. She'll appreciate it.
  • Keep in mind that depending on you and your relationship, different things may work.
  • Let us know your own ideas in the section below -- or even better, update this article with your own sweet morning texts for her!

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