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Writing restaurant reviews can be an activity that you undertake as employment or something that you do simply for fun. Either way, the reviews are a good way for you to get the word out to your community, as well as to visitors of your community, about where their money should be spent and what places they should avoid. There are many aspects to consider when writing a restaurant review. This article will provide you tips on how to write a restaurant review that will be noticed and shared.

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Write Your Restaurant Review

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    Do background research
    A little preliminary research can go a long way in setting appropriate expectations. How does the restaurant you will review advertise itself to potential customers? This information will also be helpful for you in evaluating whether or not the restaurant fails, meets, or exceeds these expectations.
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    Open your review with information about the restaurant
    This information can include type of cuisine, price range, location and contact information, operating hours, whether or not the restaurant allows smoking or serves alcohol. You may also want to include whether or not the restaurant accepts reservations, offers live entertainment, or is good for families, groups, or children.
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    Set evaluation criteria
    Especially if you will be writing multiple restaurant reviews, set standard criteria that you will use to evaluate the tested restaurants. Criteria may include design, ambiance, cleanliness, value for money, service delivery, variety, and quality of food. Whatever criteria you evaluate, be sure to evaluate all restaurants according to the same set of standards.
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    Stay under the radar
    To have the most authentic experience, do not hint that you are reviewing the restaurant. This will give your readers a better idea of the type of experience that they are likely to experience in the restaurant on any given day. If you hint that you are a restaurant reviewer before you arrive or during your evaluation, you are likely to have a different experience from the average person. This tactic can damage your credibility as a reviewer.
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    Make a list of pros and cons
    You may find it helpful to carry a small notebook with you or even use a note application on your mobile phone. However you keep and store notes, make one of them a list of pros and cons about all aspects of the restaurant you have chosen to evaluate.
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    Try various dishes, but highlight only a few
    Trying various dishes will give you a better sense of what the restaurant does well, and where it may need improvement. However, when you write your review, focus on a few dishes that are excellent, very bad, or interesting in some way. This will keep the reader focused on your overall review and not bore them with a long list of everything that was sampled.
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    Write with clarity, fairness, confidence, and honesty
    Communicate how you were treated as a guest of the restaurant. Be honest but maintain professionalism. Additionally, clearly describe your experience, including the smell and taste of the dishes you include in your review. Be objective and fair in your critique. If most of your visit went perfectly well but one minor detail was overlooked, it is fair to include this detail as a word of caution, but probably not fair to present it as ruining your entire visit. Keep in mind that your readers may not have been to the restaurant, so your review can persuade them to either go or choose another option.
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    Edit your review before it is posted
    After you have written your review, distance yourself from it for a day or two. Maybe even ask a friend or colleague to read it and give their impression. Then, return to it in order to read it again and make sure it is professional, engaging, detailed, and free of errors. Revisiting your review after a bit of distance, but before publication, can help you identify whether you may have been too harsh or negative, or overwhelmingly positive about your experience. Distance from your review will also increase the likelihood that you will be able to catch any spelling or grammar errors in your writing. In the end, your goal is to remain objective and fair.
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    Include a recommendation
    End your review with a recommendation. Would you recommend someone try this restaurant? Did you note if the atmosphere is romantic and good for couples, or more suitable for families or groups? Did your dining experience meet expectations that were set by restaurant advertising? Note this information as it is an important part of closing your review on a positive note. Even if you had a bad experience, you want your readers to enjoy your writing, and end it on a positive note.
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Additional Tips

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  • It is most important that your restaurant critique or review is objective and fair to the business. Take steps to ensure that your review is not too harsh or damaging. Since a restaurant is a business, your published review has the potential to affect the restaurant's ability to profit. It is not necessary or even advisable to recommend every establishment you visit, but to make sure that your reviews are supported by accurate details. By following the details in this article, you will be able to write a review that is unbiased, professional and engaging, and maintain credibility among your readers.

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