Write a Proposal for a Dissertation

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Hello and welcome to VisiHow. In this video, I'm going to show you how to write a proposal for a dissertation.

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    To begin your proposal, we start with the title
    It seems quite self-explanatory.
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    So we're going to move on to the introduction
    The introduction is your opportunity to present your title. To build on that, we're going to give reasons for this area of study and try to position the topic academically and theoretically. So position it academically as where it exists in the academic world, which school of thought does it belong to or how it is connected to other examples and concepts within the academic field. And theoretically, where it falls. Is it connected to one individual's theory or school of thought? You need to position it in order to make it unique. This is a research project and you're trying to bring something new to the academic and theoretical world, and so positioning your argument or question will help to identify it as something unique and also show its connections to previous research. Here we're also going to include key issues related to the question and we're going to talk about why this question is being studied. Why you believe it's important, why you believe it's valuable or necessary, and why this area or field should be explored.
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    Next, we're going to go into aims and objectives
    So your aims really are your intentions and main goals for the entire essay. The aim of this dissertation is to show that, to prove that so and so is happening or is true. And so, this is your overall intention or desired results for this body of work. Objectives are goals to help you achieve your end. So the objective is to do something that will help you achieve your end.
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    Next, we're going to move on to methodology
    Here in this section, we're going to explain what methods you're going to use. Are you going to use some kind of literary review, data collection, interviews? We're going to talk about what methods you will use to collect data - your research methods in order to support your hypothesis.
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    Next, we go on to scope and limitations
    Scope and limitations relate to the parameters of your research. What is its potential scope? How far can you scope? What are its parameters? What are you hoping to achieve with this? Understand your limitations. Identify the parameters in order to identify any areas of weakness or any areas that could be problematic. You need to identify the potential problems and limitations of your question in order to be prepared for them, and to show the reader that you are aware of them and have considered the argument well and you have identified that there will be limitations or problematic areas.
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    Next, we can go to resources
    This is where you can include information on resources you'll need. If you'll need books, scientific equipment, individuals for research purposes, and anything else you'll need in order to fulfill your intentions.
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    Next, we'll go to outline of sections and chapters
    This is a very important section because this is where you're going to talk about and explain some of the body of your essay or dissertation. So we can give some selected chapter titles and some information about their content. This will show the reader how you want to structure your essay and how the narrative is going to flow through it. It also shows how everything is interconnected and how you're moving seamlessly through a process in order to reach conclusion.
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    After this, we're going to include timetable, which is the timetable of your intended schedule
    A timetable will show your professor or the reader that you have considered time as a very important factor. You've given yourself opportunity and marked particular periods for particular pieces of work. This will give your time the structure and will demonstrate that you have seriously considered the needs of your essay.
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    Finally, we can include references
    Every piece of work will need references and you'll need lots of references. If you include these now, they demonstrate that you've already researched information related to your dissertation question. So you're going to include a lot - maybe thirty to fifty - references, depending on how many you've been asked to include. Referencing is essential even if you have a lot of good ideas yourself and you don't feel that you need to reference as much. Just by including references, names and information from people related to your field, you're demonstrating a wider knowledge. And even if you dismiss their words or concepts, you are demonstrating that you've at least considered them and you're aware of them.
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    So if we return to the top, we can see here we have our little guide for creating a proposal for a dissertation
    Remember also about the title, you may be showing this to future prospective employers or other academic institutions, so choose a title that's related to your future goals in life. Something you can use to connect your dissertation with your future role or occupation. So we're going to give a quick little overview: introduction, aims and objectives, methodology, scope and limitations, resources, outline of sections and chapters, timetable, and references. Give your proposal a great body and a good flow or narrative. Remember, always try to be specific. Don't waffle. This is not a massive document, so be concise. Convey your intentions and plan with as much impact, and without superfluous sentences or unnecessary drivel. OK, so you've been watching a video on how to write a proposal for a dissertation. If you have any questions, suggestions or inquiries, then please leave them in the section here below. You've been watching VisiHow. Goodbye!
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Video: A Proposal for a Dissertation

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