Write a Letter of Introduction

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You may be asking yourself, " What is the best way to introduce a couple of friends to each other these days?" A well written letter of introduction is an excellent tool for introducing a friend or coworker to another associate. The contents of the letter depends on the intent of the writer. Are the two individuals involved in similar business ventures? Are they both sports fans who might enjoy meeting at sport events? Or perhaps they both enjoy eating at Mediterranean restaurants. This introduction will give you the satisfaction of bringing two strangers together, and the two newly acquainted people the pleasure of experiencing each other's company. The letter should be warm, courteous, professional, and most importantly it should be well written. Your goal, when you use a letter to introduced two people to each is to provide the kind of information that makes the recipient interested in meeting the person you are introducing.

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A letter should be sent to each of the people you wish to introduce.

Note: A letter of introduction is different from a reference letter. In a reference letter you are selling the qualifications of the person that you are referring to.


Steps to Write the Letter

  1. 1
    Make sure that you provide the complete name of the person you are introducing
    Include both the first and last name.
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  2. 2
    Provide an explanation or reason for the introduction
    What first made you think that the two people would be interested in each other? Do they have common goals, professions, or hobbies? Provide a brief background of the person you are introducing.
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  3. 3
    Make sure to provide a comment that would make the reader want to meet the person you are trying to introduce
    Describe each individual's qualities or accomplishments.
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Sample Letter

Dear Mr. Sparrow,

Matilda Houston is a very good friend of ours. She will be in London next month for a few days, and I would like her to meet you. You both have a strong interest in football. Matty is doing a research in Ireland now, and I told her about your common interest. I'm sure you both would have a lot to talk about. You'll find Matty very friendly.

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May I give her your mobile number? Please write and let me know.

Kind regards, (Your name)

Dear Mrs. Houston,

I have know Edward Sparrow for several years. He will be traveling through Great Britain next month and will be in London for a week. I would very much like for you to meet him. Ed is a sports fan, and loves football. He also has family in Ireland. I shared with him about your common interests. He is warm and thoughtful, and has a wonderful sense of humor. I'm sure you would have many things to discuss.

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If you are interested, I will send his phone number to you in a text.

Best wishes (Your name)

Hopefully each of the individuals you introduce to each other will enjoy each others company and appreciate your efforts to bring them together.

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