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A written response from a business or company letting a job applicant know that he or she has been accepted, is most appreciated. Letters eliminate doubt and confusion and a letter accepting a job applicant usually clarifies the details about where and when to report to work and what to expect on the first day. Sometimes, it might even include information such as available lodging in the area and other helpful tips for unique situations. This type of letter presents an opportunity to make a good impression. It will promote job moral, and most importantly, it will help the new employee feel comfortable and thankful to have been accepted into the company, or to have been selected for a position. It is a great way to congratulate the new recruit.


How to Write

  1. 1
    Congratulate the new employee
    This will begin your working relationship on a positive note. Your new recruit will sense your pride in the company and realize he or she is part of a team that values him or her as an employee.
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    State that the new employee has been selected among many applicants
    It is important that your new employee has a sense of value to the company. Confident employees are more productive employees.
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    List any special instructions required, for example, when to report for work, where to meet an employer, to whom to report, the first job assignment etc.
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    Offer additional information about the area if a recruit is new in town, for example, rental listings, post office locations, where to dine, shopping malls etc.
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Sample Letter

Dear Miss Gray:

Your recent application for human resource assistant has been reviewed and approved by the Human Resource Department. Your abilities and experience appear suitable to the needs of Amore Designs and we can offer you a position beginning immediately at the pay we have discussed.

At Amore Designs, every employee is an important member. All employees have the opportunity to rise according to their abilities.

Congratulations on your selection. If you choose to accept our offer, please report to the Human Resource Office on Monday, June 3, 2013, at 9 A.M.

Sincerely, (Your name)

The wait is over

Waiting nervously for a job response is an unpleasant experience. A letter of acceptance is a wonderful way to alleviate that discomfort and to physically and mentally prepare a new employee to join your company.

Questions and Answers

Accepting an applicant for the job?

Please give me a sample of a letter

You can use this format for your letter:

Dear Mr. John Starr,

Good day! First of all, I would like to thank you for applying in our company, QWERTY Inc. for the Customer Service Representative position for our internet account. In behalf of the company, I would like to inform you that you passed and we are looking forward to working with you. Please go to our HR Department at the 5th floor to process your papers and to schedule your introductory seminar with the company as soon as possible. Thank you very much.


Ms. Rio Mercedes

HR Manager

How do I write a letter to accept someone into our organization for a one year service with our organization?

How do I write a letter to accept someone into our organization for a one year?

Dear Mr./Ms._____,

We are very pleased to inform you that after reviewing your profile, we have decided to accept you into our organization. The term of service will be one year beginning on _______.

The scope of service will be the following:

Please confirm your acceptance of our offer.

Thank you.

You can try using this format:

Dear Ms. Emma Employee,

Good day! We would like to thank you for applying as a technical support for QWERTY Inc.. We wish to inform you that we would like to have you in our company under a one-year contract. Please go to this website to check the requirements:


Please call us as soon as possible so we can inform you when you will start. We are hoping to see you soon. Thank you.


Ms. Emily Your employer

HR Department

I am actually writing 3 letters, one to accept students who have passed a portfolio review, one to provisionally accept some, and one telling students that they didn't pass?

A portfolio review is held each year to determine which students will go on to the upper levels of our graphic design course. I want to say more than just "congratulations, you are accepted into the program to the people who passed. The provisional letter will tell students that their portfolios were accepted, but they will not be allowed to start the program until their GPA meets our 2.5 minimum standard. Lastly, I want to encourage the students who did not pass. Some will be allowed to retake the review in another year, but at least one has done it before and this was his last chance. Thanks for your insights.

To add more to the acceptance letter other than congratulations, take the time to point out what was impressive in their portfolio. Showing that personal touch will encourage the students to work harder because you noticed them and did not send out a blanket letter to all the applicants.

The provisional students should get tips on how to bring up their GPA higher. You can use general tips to make this letter a blanket letter for all the students if you keep it generic to save time.

Those students that did not pass is unfortunate. Perhaps send an example from a winning portfolio so that they can know what to try to improve on for their next chance. To the one student who will no longer be able to try out for the review, thank him for his dedication and offer a little extra encouragement in his future endeavors.

I selected first round in web design company, "how to write letter - I am very interest to join your company"?

Interview status is ON HOLD, but I want to impress to work with your company long time. please Help me, sir

Write a cover letter stating that although their interview status is on hold you would appreciate being considered in future hiring. Attach your resume to the cover letter. Make sure that you are sending the letter to the right person in the company. If you do not know, contact the company and ask for the name of the Human Resource Manager/Director.

I want to write a letter that informs a candidate that our company has accepted him to work with us with full work agreement detail?

With the representation of our company name, I would like to write a job acceptance confirmation letter to one of the candidates who has won the poll of the administration committee. I have tried: I try to write a statement but I think it lacks something ...it doesn't look formal .

The samples above are generic but you can add detail by using stationary with your company letterhead and give details on what sets him apart from other candidates. This will make him feel valued before he even starts to work at the company.

How to write a message to a hired electrical engineer applicant?

I am supposed to send a message containing that an applicant for an electrical engineer position will be hired and will be given an appointment letter by next week. How can I write it in a formal message? Thanks Follow the steps in this article and the sample letters. Even in an email, if you add your address and his address in the proper spots, the email will appear formal.

I am writing an email to an applicant to offer the position to him. I am looking for the right wording to include the amount of pay?

I need to know the right wording to include the amount of pay I am offering to an applicant.

The weekly, bi-weekly or monthly salary offered to you and accepted was $2,000 a month or $14 per hour. If you offer overtime incentives or bonuses you would include those details as well.

How to assign duties to new employee?

First of all thanks for your help. We have a new employee and my superior asked me to write him a letter to inform him about his duties... I have tried: Tried searching everywhere in Google about sample letters... I think it was caused by: The problem is my poor English

You will want to list a clear definition of their employee duties. Example: First thing in the morning, go through your employee email and address client ones as a priority.

You should have an explanation of the expectations for the position. What role is this person supposed to fill on the team?

Dear (Their Name),

Welcome to the team! As an employee of (Name of Company) in the position of (Name of Position) your daily tasks to complete are as follows: (List the tasks.) Your weekly project assignments are: (Any weekly assignments.)

Our weekly meetings are on Mondays at 9 a.m. with a follow up meeting on the week's progress on Friday at 9 a.m. Both meetings are held in the conference room.

(You may want to list names of important people and their role in the company that relates to the new employee's position.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or (name of supervisor).


(Your Name)

I need to tell someone thank you for lending me money and a year to payback?

I need to tell someone thank you for lending me money and a year to payback

Write a Thank You Letter is a VisiHow article with several examples and a tutorial on how to create a Thank You letter. You will want to mention how this money helped you financially. You will also want to include a payment schedule or promise of payment in one year again to formally acknowledge the deal.

How to mail a reply for an interview call offering a designation of "Engineer Trainee (HW)"?

I applied for a job as I received an interview call so I have to reply with a confirmation mail

Dear (Their Name),

Thank you for your consideration of me for the Engineer Trainee position. I look forward to meeting with you on (date and time suggested).


Your Name

I want my profile to be approved?

I want my profile to be approved by the administrator of a dating site

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Yes I have actually got a job but I am working with a company now of which my time with the current company would be ending within 4 weeks but the new company is asking me to start within a week. How do I write such letter to them and plead on time?

Help in writing for a time extension. How do I write such letter to them and plead on time? This is a case wherein my contract in this company am working now is also ending now

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Need to send a thank you letter to selected candidates who have been offered a role in my organization. Please help us with the draft?

Hi,... we are starting a new business of Housing Finance in a couple of months. We have already started hiring a Sales team for the business in order to engage with the offered candidates, we need to send a thank you letter to them for accepting my organization as their next career move. Please help us with the formal draft and wordings of the email/letter. Since the organization is not a known brand, it is a challenge for Human Resource team to attract best of the talents for the job with my organization. We intend to thank people that have already accepted the offer and need to engage with them in a unique way to build that trust and confidence in them so that they do not back out at the last moment and end up joining us. I have tried: Sending a box of chocolates and bouquet and a personalized thank you card to their residence to develop a personal connect. I think it was caused by: It's a new start up business hence people do not know enough about the brand and business

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I have been applying for a number of job but I never have got any positive response. What is my problem?

What makes applicant not get employed despite all effort including best CV? I have been applying for about 300 vacancies but non of them has been my chance, what is my serious mistake? I have tried: I have asked the employers to tell my mistake but they never had gone through it. Why? I think it was caused by: Perhaps I'm not known to employers for letting my CV look very clear to them

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