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Gear means specific equipment or miscellaneous articles which help you in a particular operation or sport. That's why writing a good gear review depends on the author's knowledge of the equipment. There are two different approaches in writing a gear review: One, a subjective first person style highlighting the author's experience in using the gear, or two, a writer's references solely to technical specifications of the product being reviewed through the manufacturer's website. Whatever the writing style is, it is important for a gear review article to be accurate, and without false advertisements. It must be tight, written in smooth tone, and easily readable.

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    To express your own opinion about gear, you need to test it. The gear review is not a usual article; it needs deeper research and you must introduce the readers to all of its details. The test should take place under different conditions or in varying terrain so that you can understand its full abilities and all of its qualities.
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    Take pictures and videos
    The best way to show your readers that you're writing from your own experience is by making HD quality videos and adding pictures to the article. Sometimes images speak a lot more effectively than words.
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    Organize your writing
    The gear review is a specific article which must contain pricing, information about the availability of the gear in the stores, where-to-buy information, manufacturer's contact details. Because of the increasing popularization of the Internet shopping, it can also be a good idea if you include information for online purchasing opportunities. As with any other article, your gear review must be well-structured and organized with an eye-catching introduction, smooth body, and unique conclusion. In the introduction, you should make the readers familiar with the purposes of the describing gear, which production it is and some historical facts if this is appropriate. In the body part of the review, you should expose all the details you know about the gear. Creative and interesting writing here is not an exception - you have to keep the reader's attention until the end of the article, right? In the conclusion you may drop a hint for some future updates on the gear, or if you are writing about automobile or motorcycle equipment, for example, you may include some successful races during which the usage of this gear has been under significant importance.
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    Use bullets and numbering
    Bullets and numbering make each article more readable, and can help gear reviews make more sense. A list of positives and negatives for the gear is also a good option.
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    Include full technical specifications of the gear within the article.
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    The practice shows that when reading about gear, the user wants to know all of the technical information about it
    The most visible way to present those details is in a table - very compact, nice-looking and easy for the reader to understand.
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    Do not advertise
    The gear review is a kind of description. Keep to the facts without doing additional advertisement for the manufacturer - your goal is to convince the reader in the correctness of your opinion, to show him the positive and negatives of the product and to help him choose it on his own.
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    Give an opinion
    After you've done the testing and have presented the gear in the body part of your review, comes the time for your evaluation. Actually, this is the main reason that makes the user read your article - to be introduced to your professional opinion. To improve the quality of the review you may include some comparisons with similar products which you've also tested. Hold up to the facts and give an objective assessment to any of them.
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    Give evidence
    Avoid dry, short sentences. To convince the audience that your opinion is reliable, you should convince them by backing up your comments with evidence for everything.
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    It's very unpleasant to read a text full of grammar mistakes. A smooth tone, fluent English, and a little bit of writing talent, along with rich knowledge about the gear, is what makes you a good gear review author.
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  • Take quick notes during the test.
  • It's never a mistake to consult professionals when it comes to any kind of sport gear.
  • Target your audience. No matter what gear you're writing about, you should state its positives and negatives and warn your readers what you've learned from the usage of this gear.
  • Avoid ranting.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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