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A follow-up letter can be a reminder, a progress report, a request for an explanation, or even a sales letter. This can also be used for follow-up job interviews and or job application.

Start right off with a statement regarding your situation or the event you are writing about. State the topic of your follow-up in the first sentence. Then followed by the facts, figures and everything occurred between now and prior communication between you and the recipient. Then make a statement of what action you are planning to take or what you are requesting.

Job interview follow-up letter is an extra push that can help you get the job. A letter received two or three days received after the interview will keep your name on top, this is not always the case but this can help your name get on top. Follow-up letter also presents an opportunity to add what you have forgotten to mention during the interview.

A thank you for the interview is enough to make a pleasant introduction for your letter. Then mention the main topic or purpose of your letter. You may also follow this with information that you forgot to include during the first discussion you may also remind the interviewer regarding your strong qualities.

Also keep in mind that you are selling your ability to help the company you want to work with.

How to Write

  1. 1
    State the situation or event you are trying to follow-up
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  2. 2
    If applicable describe what happen, what has been learned or has happened since your prior contact
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  3. 3
    Imply what action you will take and what are you requesting.
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Sample Letters

  • Providing Additional Information (Business)

Dear. Mr. Winterburn:

Following up on the problem of renovating the stock room, which I discussed in my letter of May 16, we have reviewed the situation and have a plan. The problem now is getting more workers to get the job done.

I will move this job up on our priority list and see if we can come up a solution within the next 4 days.


  • Job Position

Dear Mr. Duvereux:

Thank you for the interesting job interview on Thursday, May 30. I am confident I can fill the position of human resource assistant. I agree that with your expanded activities, you need someone who can devote time to recruiting more factory worker and I have a program in mind that has been used successfully by other firms. It could easily be adapted in your operation; I would like to present this procedure for your consideration.

I will phone your office on the 4th of June to see if we can set a time to continue our discussion.


Your Name

Questions and Answers

How do I write a follow up letter after sending a resume?

I want to check up on the status of my job application in a formal way.

Dear Their Name,

I am following up on the resume I sent for the position of (name of job opening). I have included two more references and would like to inquire if you would like further information from me.


Your Name

When you are sending a follow up letter for a job, you should always offer more information that was not in the cover letter or resume. Two extra references are always a good excuse. Here are more VisiHow articles about job hunting:

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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