Write Sweet Goodnight Messages for Him

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Nowadays, most people use mobile phones and send text messages. Many people may think that a single text message is trivial, but sometimes all it takes is one short note to make someone feel happy and cared for. Is there a man that you're thinking about and to whom you want to send a goodnight text message that will make him go to sleep with a smile on his face? Or do you simply want to show him that he is important to you? There are many reasons why you might want to send a nice good-night text message to your boyfriend or husband. If you do not know how to do it, this article will show you how.

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Write Sweet Messages for Your Man

If you are dating or in a relationship, you can allow yourself to write more than you otherwise would. Just know that the beginning stages of a relationship is when an appropriate distance should be maintained. Therefore, the probability that your text message will scare him is very low if you're past the early stages of dating.

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    Consider the stage of your relationship
    Before you start writing a text message, consider the stage of your relationship to him. If you want to write to a man that you've just met, it's a good idea to keep a greater distance. Taking the liberty to write a text message that is too revealing or too sweet may scare him away at such an early stage. At the beginning of your relationship, it is recommended to limit yourself to a regular "Sleep well!" or "Goodnight!" If you want to make this message more personal, you can also add his name and a nice emoticon. Even such a short message will be received positively if both of you are interested in each other and maybe if you're simply interested in him but he still doesn't know.
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    When should you write
    Some of you may think that this question is easy to answer. When you send a text message, however, remember that the other person may still have his volume turned on. Will sending a text message potentially wake him up or disrupt him if he is busy? Many people finally go to bed between 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.; so, you may want to write within this time frame. Remember that the most important thing is that he could read this message before falling asleep, which is exactly your intention.
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    How often should you write
    Don't write every day. Yes, exactly. Are you wondering why? You want to please him, make him smile, and show him that you are thinking about him. Writing every night may have the opposite effect. In the best case scenario, he will simply get used to receiving a text message from you. Your messages may then lose their value and not be considered unexpected or special. In the worst case scenario, he may become annoyed. Also, try to limit yourself to one text message. Think about how you would feel if you were just about to fall asleep and suddenly received five or ten text messages. You would definitely be disturbed and maybe think that the person who sent you these messages is not normal. Therefore, we strongly recommend sending a small number of messages.
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    What should you write
    If you think that you're not a creative person, you can always use ready text messages that people share on the internet. We have an article that lists a number of sweet messages you can share with your boyfriend or husband. Make sure to check it out for some great examples.
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    Be creative
    Remember, the more creative you can be, the more he will appreciate it. If you are not just friends or newly acquainted, you can let yourself write more than "Good night" or "Sleep well". Try to get some inspiration from your previous conversation when composing a text message to him. He may have mentioned having a difficult day at work or an upcoming exam at his university. Maybe he simply has other plans for the next day and you want to wish him good luck? This is one way of showing that in fact you do think about him and remember everything that he told you. You can also express your feelings, saying that you miss him. The more personal the message is, the better.
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Additional Tips

  • If you know him well, it will be easier for you to write a sweet goodnight text message. However, no matter what your level of acquaintance is, your message should be one that will make him smile and show that you care about him.
  • Do you have your own useful tips or suggestions? Let us and our readers know what you do when composing a sweet goodnight text!

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