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A street fight, to be clear, is very different from a sporting fight. Where an organized fight has rules and regulations before determining the winner, in a street fight, your main objective is to survive. This might be a senseless fight in the street that you have done everything to avoid, but there is no way to prevent. What do you do? You aren't going to let someone use you as a punching bag, are you?

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Here are some tips to help increase your chances of success, if you happen to find yourself in a street fight, or any other fight not sanctioned by an organization.

Essential Tips to Consider

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    Be aware of your surroundings when a fight starts
    Look around for weapons you can arm yourself with to ward off your opponent. Look for exits, just in case things don't go your way. You should be more focused on getting away unscathed, than winning the fight. Don't make it obvious you're looking for an escape route. You don't the other guy to know your intentions. Street fights can occur between friends and family members, as well as strangers, but regardless of whom the fight is with, knowing your environment is always an advantage to you.
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    Learn to predict when a fight is going to ensue
    Consider everything about your opponent. Does he have allies? Does he have weapons? Is he a better fighter than you? Being vigilant can help you to survive the unexpected attack your opponent is about to unleash.
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    Walk away from the fight
    Exercising this approach is the wisest decision where everyone wins and no one is hurt. No fight is the best victory in a street fight. If you sense aggression from the other person, calm them down. The angrier they get, the more likely they are to attack you. Most opponents aren't interested in fighting someone who isn't interested in fighting them. It's like a bully being ineffective against someone who they cannot fluster. Try to prevent the fight by diffusing the situation from the start. There is no need to fuel heightened emotions with even more emotion. Don't allow your pride get in the way of resolving the fight. Even if your pride is a bit roughed up, you'll get away without being harmed. Depending on the situation, there are ways to avoid a fight. Here is an example of how you can diffuse a potential violent situation. Someone on the street accuses you of badmouthing him. Instead of denying it, or getting angry, you could apologize for the misunderstanding, whether or not it's true, and ensure him it won't happen again. Hopefully, the guy accepts your apology and moves on, of course not without having a few choice words to say. Stand your ground. Don't let his words get to you. Don't give him any reason to escalate the confrontation. When apologizing, keep a safe distance from the opponent. He could launch a sucker punch while you apologize. If the opponent is not receptive to your apology and continues to advance keep the gap while apologizing by slowly backing away from him. When you've apologized two or three times without the desired reaction from the opponent, then prepare yourself for whatever is going to happen next, or casually walk away.
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    Avoid close proximity
    In order for the opponent to hit you, he needs to close the gap between you. To be safe, ensure that there is safe distance between the two of you at all times. Close the gap once your opponent strikes. Do your best to stay at your opponents left or right side. Avoid being face to face with him, as this makes it easier for him to hit you. Always try to keep safe distance. Use your arms to shield yourself from your opponent. Staying a certain distance from your opponent works to your advantage, because your opponent won't have a lot of strength in his punch.
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    Take a deep breath and remain as calm as you can
    This will help to prevent your actions from aggravating the situation. It also makes it easier for you to see and anticipate a strike coming at you, blocking it before it hits you.
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    Try to resolve or neutralize the situation
    Maybe there was a misunderstanding. Talk to the aggressor. Explain and clarify the situation if you can, all the time knowing your goal is to calm this guy down. . If you have inadvertently slighted him, apologizing isn't too difficult. Don't allow your pride to get in the way of saying sorry. Your goal is to avoid the fight. Always maintain composure and confident body language. Never show the aggressor you're afraid, even if you're just about ready to pee your pants.
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    Know how to take punches
    Do your best to avoid getting hit, but you may not be able to duck and avoid all the punches. If you can't avoid a punch landing, do your best to lessen its effect. If your attacker hits you in the head, move toward the attacker and clench your jaw and tense your neck muscles. Moving forward might make the aggressor miss his mark. If you can, use your forehead to take the punch, as this will take a toll on his hand. If he strikes you in the body, tense your abdominal muscles. You can also try shifting to your side so he hits your obliques rather than any of your vital organs.
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    Run for your life
    If you are engaged in the fight and feel you can't defeat your opponent, and he has allies, the best option is to run. This is when having taken note of your surroundings will help. Leave an obstacle course for them to maneuver around behind. Trashcans, bottles, any kind of debris thrown behind you will block his path. This is especially smart if you are a good runner. He may not be. Even if he manages to catch up to you, he will be out of breath, with little energy left to fight.. Be aware that fear and adrenaline may make you lose your balance. You don't want to fall as it would leave you at your opponent's mercy.
    1. Make a lot of noise. During the fight, try to be as loud as possible in order to draw attention from everyone - anyone in the area. If you're lucky, there might be someone who is willing to help or stop the fight. Making a lot of noise brings bystanders to the altercation. They can also serve as witnesses in case you press charges.
    2. Walk away. If the fight has not started, you can walk or run away from the fight before it even starts. Running away is not a sign of cowardice, but is in fact, in this situation, a victory for you, because you are the one in danger and no one else around to help. You are victorious saving your life and remained unhurt.
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