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Aside from becoming a princess the next dream most little girls have is winning a beauty pageant. Being crowned Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss World or Miss Earth is a more realistic dream that ladies all of the planet are coveting. They say that all you need to win a pageant is a beautiful face and body; however, today's pageants have higher standards. It is not enough to have good genes but you need the entire package to be crowned. There are a lot of tips and tricks out there on the best makeup for pageants or the best waxing technique. Yes, these are essentials but what really wins pageants is something totally different.

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Thinking of joining a pageant? This article will share some tips on how to actually win a beauty pageant.

Granted that you have already registered and have passed the criteria set for a legit pageant, it is time to learn the secrets on presenting yourself well to win the entire thing.


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    Be Genuinely Nice to Everyone
    You can never be too sure if what you are saying will reach the judges. It is important to be genuinely nice to everyone you meet before, during and after your pageant. Be mindful of your words and actions especially to chaperons, choreographers, in-charge officers and also to your competition. The key word here is genuine, people can sense if you are being fake. So if you have nothing good to say, do not say anything and smile. It is that simple. Winning is not necessarily a popularity contest, but it helps if you have not stepped on anyone's shoes.
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    Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
    Needless to say, working out is something you cannot work around on. Being active is a trade secret in winning. Do not rush into getting fit; avoid crash diets and starving yourself a few weeks before the competition. It is recommended to start prepping and setting up your fitness routine five months before the pageant. Remember, if you feel confident with the way you look in your swim wear, chances are you will feel fabulous while wearing your evening gown. The only thing you now have to worry for is your interview.
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    Hire an Interview Coach
    Getting one can be expensive, but if you are in it to win it, a coach is worth it. After your sessions with an interview coach you will also be nailing job interviews in the future. However, do not solely depend on your coach; after all you will be the one answering the question. Make sure to brush up on your basic history as well as being updates on current events.
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    Wear a Custom Gown
    It does not really mean you have to shell out for a couture gown. You simply have to find one that accentuates your assets and presents your body well even if it comes from a nameless designer. If you have a gown that perfectly fits you but just does not have that X-factor why not embellish it yourself?
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    Do not Compare Yourself
    Remember to stop comparing yourself for there will always be lesser and greater people than you. Do not make yourself crazy or stressed out with your competition. Instead, focus on your strengths and not on the things that you lack because this will show.
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    Humor and Opinion
    When it comes to the final interview or when anyone during the pageant asks you about something make sure you have something to say. Even if you know nothing about the topic, never end the conversation with empty silence. How you say something is at times more important than what you are saying. However, make sure you are also saying something with sense. Also, answering questions with a dash of humor will help you score high
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These are just some of the helpful tips on how to win a pageant. Often times it takes more than perfect makeup or a couture gown to win.

Questions and Answers

How can I win the miss earth contest?

I would love to know more, how can I win miss earth pageant

Aside from demonstrating all of the attributes, character traits and qualities described in the above VisiHow article Win A Beauty Contest, you have to take into consideration that Miss Earth is an event that promotes environmental awareness. To win this pageant you must be aware of environmental issues and actively involved in projects and missions that are about saving the earth, recycling, saving energy and climate change.

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To be selected for the pageant it is a good idea to show that you have previous experience in being involved in the promotion and development of campaigns to do with educating youth and the public environmental awareness and education, tree planting, beach clean ups, environmental fairs , green energy and home renovation, eco-food and organic nutrition. A background in working for Greenpeace, PETA and other organizations that promote and protect nature and the environment can also help you win this pageant.

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Once accepted as a participant the candidates are put through various challenges and win medals based on their determination and positive Outlook as well as put through an interview in which they are not allowed to wear make up and may only speak of their passion for educating each others about the environment. You must be well-spoken and be physically fit as there is both an evening gown and bathing suit competition.

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If you make it to being one of the four finalists in the Miss Earth competition then the winner is determined after one final interview is conducted during which each candidate must answer one question about the environment. This means that cultivating a enlightened view of environmental events as well as looking fit, beautiful and natural will help prepare you to win the title of Miss Earth.

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