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Transfer Music and Videos to Your IPAD/ IPHONE / IPOD TOUCH without using Itunes (Using Only Copytrans Manager)

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Why is my Samsung Galaxy S5 not reading my SD card but it reads in my husband's same brand phone?

My husband and I both have the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone but mine will not recognize the 8GB SD card we bought. How can I fix this?

You could have an issue with either the SD card or the device itself. Try using your husband's SD card and see if your phone is able to read it. If it can't, try any other SD card, just to make sure there's not somehow an issue between the type of card and your device.

If your phone is able to recognize any other SD card, the issue is likely the card you bought and not your phone. If on the other hand, your phone can't recognize any card, you'll need to try and fix your phone.

  • See if you can spot any fluff or dirt in the SD card slot.
  • Using the tip of a toothpick, try gently probing the entrance to the slot to see if you can pull out anything.
  • Try powering off your phone, removing and then popping the battery back in, and powering on your phone, then inserting the SD card again.
  • Consider going to your carrier to get them to fix the issue.
  • Consider formatting your device and trying the SD card with your device restored to factory default settings. You can find a guide for how to do so here: Perform a factory reset on Android Device.

Message reads SD card is blank or has unsupported file types.It is a blank SD card that I bought from the carrier store. It never worked, I just didn't have time to go back to the store?

Sure Daniel, I am having a similar problem

Bring it back to the store. Do not purchase another one until you can try it on your card. Not every SD card will work with an Android phone. Also, some have limits as to what SD card limit they will allow. For instance, you can't put a 64 GB card in a phone that won't support it.

Hi, I'm trying to use a 64GB card in a Galaxy S5 but the phone says it is damaged but in the computer, it works fine. Card formatted as exFAT?

64GB micro card for S5 not recognized by phone

  1. 1
    Start with checking the microSD card
    Insert the card into the card reader. On your computer, press the Windows key and "E". This will open File Explorer. Right-click the drive with the card and select "Properties". Click the "Tools" tab and select "Check". Confirm the disk check.
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    In File Explorer, right-click the drive again
    Select "Format..." You can choose FAT32 for the first attempt (if the card works, then you should reformat it as exFAT) and a minimum value in the "Allocation unit size". Start formatting. This is necessary to erase all of the files that prevent the system from detecting the card well.
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    After it has been done, safely remove the card by clicking the USB icon in the system tray.
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    Now, put the card back into the turned off the phone
    When putting the card into the phone, push it deep into its seated position. It should go all the way into the slot. Turn the phone on, and see if the card is detected.
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Why does my S5 neo have the SD card icon pop up in the notification bar multiple times a day?

It seems that quite often when I unlock my S5 Neo there is an SD card icon up in the notifications bar and I have to clear it to get rid of it. If I click on it, it comes up with the "Explore or unmount option.

This is a connection issue with the SD card and the device. Some users report that taking some Scotch Tape and securing the SD card and SIM Card has helped. Another suggestion is to hard reset your device in the event it is actually corrupt OS. It seems that there was a rollout of new OS especially with Verizon users and they had to hard reset their devices to get the message to finally go away.

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Transfer Music and Videos to Your IPAD/ IPHONE / IPOD TOUCH without using Itunes (Using Only Copytrans Manager)
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How to transfer photos etc to micro SIM on Samsung j1?

I have a white Samsung j1 phone, I bought a new 16GB micro SIM as my phone keeps telling me it doesn't have any more storage to take photos, how do I get my phone to store photos videos, music etc, onto the microSD card?. I have tried: Inserting it and formatting the SD card. I think it was caused by: ???

Instead of saving to an SD card, try using the Google Photos/Drive apps. You can install the Google Photos app, then go into the Settings. You can backup photos in your Gallery and then have the Google Photos app delete them from your device. Don't panic! They will be in a cloud and you can access them anytime you want through the Google Photos app or online at the Google Photos website once you sign in with your Google Account. This frees up tons of space, especially if you take many photos and videos like I do. What I found best about the app, is that I can login to the app or website from another device such as my tablet and access the same photos.

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