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Fix Networking Problem with Korean Version of S4

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Why can't I change the network mode?

Hi, I can't change the network mode from GSM to WCDMA, if I click the WCDMA, it doesn't work, it will go back to GSM

You need to restart and then try again. If it continues to work that way, it is highly possible that the connection for WCDMA is not very good at that period of time, that's why it's going to GSM as a backup. You may want to retry after a few hours when the connection has gotten back up.

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This is because this is the setting that your device is currently working on at the time. It is best for you to stick with your current network settings so that your device will work appropriately. It is changing back because the device will only work on that network setting at this time as its default if you need more information in regards to why this is happening please respond with your mobile device model for more help.

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I can't switch my network mode from GSM to LTE (MTK 6753)?

I am using a custom ROM from a Russian developer which seems to be offline for a while (CM 12.1) and I have the Elephone P6000 Pro. Both SIM-Cards are active but if I prefer SIM2 for mobile data, both can only use 2G Internet. If I prefer SIM1 for mobile data then SIM1 can use LTE and SIM2 cannot. He built it in the MTK Engineering Mode but it looks like being buggy, I can't access the Band Mode or Network Selection. *#*#4636#*#* also don't work because the combo box is grayed out and stuck with GSM (whether SIM1 or SIM2 preferred). I need an alternative to force using WCDMA or LTE... I also don't have as much time to wait until the developer responds.

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This is why you thoroughly have to research Custom Mods. They can be buggy and it might take months before they are all corrected. Can you install the original Android software back to your device? If so, do that and then look into other mods. Ask in Android forums what others have used or research in those forums the mods that do work before installing one on your device.

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Can't change GSM to WCDMA PREFERRED on my phone IQ4400?

I bought a phone IQ4400, back to Kenya and can't change from 2G to 3G because it is in GSM. I have tried dialing *#*#4636#*#* but didn't change. The phone is a 2G. Thanks. I have tried: Dialing #*#*4636*#*# and setting to WCDMA but gets back to GSM only. I think it was caused by: Maybe operator details. I'm using Airtel provider.

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Airtel operates on GSM not WCDMA, and this is why your phone won't switch. Is it locked to a carrier? Because if so, you will need them to unlock it to use WCDMA. That is if your phone is dual band.

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Easiest way to upgrade 2g to 3g network on my Galaxy S4 i959?

I have Samsung Galaxy S4 Chinese version i959. I'm not experienced on telephones so I can't easily root and do that hard stuff. How can I upgrade my phone to the 3g or 4g networks? It's double SIM but the second slot is not working as it's damaged, so it's a big issue.

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Fix Networking Problem with Korean Version of S4

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