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Successfully complete Boot Camp training (Marine Corps East Coast)

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Can you quit the Marine Corps during MCT?

  • Yes, you can quit the Marine Corps MCT if you are in the Entry-Level Status, but it is not an easy process. To be considered "Entry-Level Status", you must not have been in the Marines over 180 days.
  • This count begins on the day you report for basic training, or boot camp. This can be verified on Paragraph 6002, Section 7 in the Marine Corps Separations Manual.
  • If you have been in the Marines 180 days or less, you may qualify for "Entry - Level Separation". On pages 187 and 188, Paragraph 6205 of the Separations Manual it says that you may be separated during those 180 days if you are determined to be not qualified for service in the Marine Corps due to your entry level conduct or performance.
  • This is defined as showing incapability, not enough effort, failure to adapt to the Marine Corps "environment", or minor infractions. This means that if you commit a major infraction, such as stealing, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or fighting without permission from your superiors, you will not be eligible for entry-level separation.
  • You will have to disobey your drill sergeant politely and comply with his commands completely to quit the Marine Corps.
  • He will threaten you in every way, and will inflict psychological and physical attacks to break you down.
  • Your D.I. will threaten to make the entire platoon suffer for your disobedience.
  • He will have them also try to convince you to participate to avoid their I.T. "assignment". Keep in mind, and let all know that the I.T. Card clearly says that "I.T. will never be assigned to a unit as a result of one recruit's actions". It does say that the drill sergeant can assign I.T. to the entire platoon if the entire group performs efficiently.
  • If your D.I. assigns I.T. to your platoon only due to your personal behavior, he is in violation of the I.T. card. Your drill sergeant will send you post haste to the Commander if you still refuse to follow his commands. Be sure to report this violation of the I.T. Card to the Commander.
  • With your continued disobedience of your drill instructor, you will have to report to the Series or Company Commander after two or three days. It will be difficult, but you must not salute the commander, nor stand at military attention. Yet, you should still be courteous with a normal tone of voice.

Your commander will ask you the reason for such insubordination, and you must inform him you no longer want to be a Marine.

  • If the commander offers any accommodations or changes for you, refuse them. Reiterate that you just do not want to be a Marine.
  • In less than a week you should be dropped to the Recruit Separations Platoon, or RSP.
  • You will be with this group with others to be processed out of the Marines MCT for about two to nearly three weeks. The Marine Corps will begin the paperwork while you are in RSP, but you will still be a member of the Marine Corps. Once in RSP, you must follow orders along with your platoon.
  • So, yes, you can quit the Marines if you qualify, and follow these difficult steps.

No, there is no such thing as quitting in the Marine Corps, either you continue training or you get kicked out of the Marines. During MCT training you will continue to train until you get out of MCT successfully. The best advice that I can give you will be for you to finish training for it will be the fastest way for you to get out of the environment.

How do marines communicate at mct?

They can communicate with their family on certain days designated to them in regards to using phones or other methods to talk to their family members during MCT training. Marines can also write letters while in MCT but Marines are likely to call rather than write being that they aren't in this training for a long period time.

The Marines at MCT can communicate two ways which will either be through writing letters to their families or by contacting via phone which they are allowed to use once a week during training.

Can marines use electronics in mct?

No, you will not have the opportunity to use your electronics until the end of training some classes are allowed to use their electronics once a weekend, but some are not so its best to not expect this treatment.

No, electronics are prohibited from use during MCT training the only time you will get to play on your electronics will be when you are in your last night of staying on base during your MCT training before you graduate.

Are you allowed to contact your marine while they are at mct?

Yes, but this is only done when they have the time to speak to others while in training, at time they will be able to make phone calls, but then there are times that they will not be able to contact people during different times of training while at MCT.

Yes, in MCT you will be able to write your Marine daily or you can be patient and wait for their one phone call they will receive on a weekly basis during MCT. Depending on how they perform they may get more than on call a week during training.

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Successfully complete Boot Camp training (Marine Corps East Coast)

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