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Perfectly Relax the Hair

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What will happen if you don't use neutralizing shampoo to rinse a hair relaxer?

You will leave some of your hair relaxer in your hair which can damage your hair in the long run regarding the relaxer causing your hair to fall out due to the relaxer not being rinsed out the proper way.

It is best to use neutralizing shampoo to prevent hair from being dry and penetration. Thus, your hair might suffer from being dull and thick. Also, it can get damaged in the long run if you haven't followed the procedure to rinse your hair with a neutralizing shampoo to remove the oil and chemicals.

I bought a ogilvie home perm and just noticed I got 2 bottles of perm solution and no neutralizer?

Is there anything at home I can use as a neutralizer?. I have tried: Nothing yet

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What happens if you don't neutralize correctly?

What happens if you don't neutralize correctly?

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What is the best way to comb through hair that is slightly Embedded. My highlights were processed for 5 weeks?

My stylist did not neutralize my highlights and the tin foil packets seeped on to my scalp. My hair was completely unmanageable so I used coconut oil on it and put it in a pony tail. I had itching, tingling, and burning and then I discovered the folded pieces of hair that were basically melted on to my scalp. It was on my head for 5 weeks. I realized what was happening when there was white substance running in my eyes and ears at night. I have shampooed a dozen times with over the counter shampoo but finally got a professional neutralizer because it wasn't coming off me quickly or easily. Hair was slightly embedded. I am having a reaction systemically and will be seeing a doctor today. My eyelashes and eyebrows (several were bright white) have fallen out. My neck and under my ears is burned and there are spots on my scalp All of the highlighted hairs are 5 times the size they used to be and they are brights white. My stylist used Clairol bw creme. My hair was damp when he applied the solution (he always demands that it is straight and dry) and he only washed once and used a leave in conditioner instead of the normal conditioner. My hair used to be about 16 inches long. Every highlighted hair is toast and is falling out. I cut my hair 3 times (twice myself and once by my stylist) during this ordeal because it was driving me nuts. Now I know why. those big white hairs are intertwined with the other hair wherever a foil packet was which is why I could not manage it, it was tangled at the root! Why did my highlight chemical leak out of the packet? I have tried: Tea Tree Mint PH balancing shampoo, and a neutralizing shampoo and conditioner. I think it was caused by: Chemical being put on damp hair, only 1 shampoo, and perhaps the leave in conditioner.

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