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Not bother your busy boyfriend

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How to be a supportive girlfriend of busy boyfriend?

Being supportive to one another as a couple often makes a good foundation for a long lasting relationship. If one of you is busy doing your own personal matters, the other one should find ways to support the other without interfering with his/her work. Too much support will make the other person feels like being watched or being monitored and is not supportive at all will only make the foundation of the relationship to crumble. Below are some tips on how to properly be a supportive girlfriend to your busy boyfriend:

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  • Know the right time. Knowing the right time when to support your busy boyfriend is imperative in strengthening your relationship. If you support your boyfriend at the wrong time, like for example, you visited his work or place during his work will only make him lose focus and have negative effects on your relationship. Mostly, the right time to support your busy boyfriend is during his break time or after his work.
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  • Avoid sending him text messages frequently. Constantly sending your boyfriend encouragement text messages is not actually a good idea because it'll only make him lose his focus. If your boyfriend is busy, only send him two or three encouraging text messages before he is going to work and after he is done in his work.
  • Give him enough time and space to do his personal things. Being supportive doesn't mean that you always make yourself available to your busy boyfriend. Giving your boyfriend enough time to do his own personal business is also a sign of being supportive because it promotes a trusting relationship.

The stated tips above are some of the effective tips on how to properly support your busy boyfriend without interfering with his work and promotes a more stable relationship.

What to tell a boyfriend who is too busy for you?

It really depends on what he's been busy with. If it's work related, then it's acceptable. Even with work, he still needs to take some time for himself and for you.

If it's non work related, or he's out with his friends, then you need to have a serious talk with him. If he's too busy for you then your relationship can't possibly work. You'll need to tell him that your relationship goes two ways, and he needs to spend time with you. Confront him, but not in an aggressive manner. Tell him to set some time in order for the two of you to get together and talk.

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Things that guys do when their girlfriends are busy?

Guys are not always like girls which women seem to need more social interaction than men do. Some of the things guys do when their girlfriends are busy are:

  • Play their favorite Video Games
  • Catch up on a TV show
  • Watch a sporting event
  • Play in a recreational sports league
  • Cards Nights with friends and colleagues
  • Read a book
  • Take extra shifts or projects on at work
  • Enjoy their favorite hobbies
  • Go out with friends socially
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These are all general and every guy is different with their activity preferences. Just because you or your boyfriend may not do anything from this list does not mean that he or you are abnormal. It is tough to be in a relationship where the other person is super busy because we can begin to feel neglected.

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Good day SMS for a man who is busy?

A text message can, in fact, be a good idea when it comes to getting your boyfriends attention or by letting them know that you are thinking of them without calling them during their busy day. 1. "Hi, baby just hoping you are having a good day" 2. I was thinking of you and hoping that you are OK today" 3. "I know your busy but I just wanted to take time out to say that I was thinking about you today and I love you" 4. "I am not expecting to receive a message back instantly but I just want to say I'm hoping you're having a good day and I hope to hear from you soon"

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These messages will help in order to let him know you are wishing him well along with him knowing that you are thinking about him today during his busy day.

More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: My boyfriend is so busy with his work, he is a site engineer with 6 projects to attend to and I am actually running out of nice words to make his day great and he seldom reply now. He stopped saying I love you for two days now, and he is not that sweet fo

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Not bother your busy boyfriend
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He is always busy and does not even bother to cancel a date. He rings to apologize for canceling the day after?

He sulks when I bring it up and ignores me for days after

Either let it go or move on. He is not willing to discuss it further and probably feels that his apology was sufficient and does not want to re visit the subject again. Not taking the time to even text message a cancellation of a date could spell issues down the road in your relationship. If you have just started dating then there is nothing to worry about other than if you want to go further with someone who can't take the time to cancel properly. If you have been in this relationship for longer than 6 months, be concerned that he is getting complacent and taking you for granted without even realizing that he is doing so. Get a Busy Boyfriend's Attention has some suggestions to get his attention that you may want to consider.

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Need to talk to you about my boyfriend, we were on Skype and having a romantic time. He ended the call because his brother called him?

Need to talk to you about my boyfriend, we were on Skype and having a romantic time. He ended the call because his brother called him. I have tried: I did everything to make him feel better. I think it was caused by: He doesn't love me that much

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The family takes precedence over relationships with many people. You are reading way too much into how he feels about you just because he ended your call to take the one from his brother.

Hi! This is a surprise! I'm in a long distance relationship and I think it is coming to an end?

Basically, I'm in a long distance relationship. My partner has a demanding job and two kids that live with him. We met in Dec of 2013 and the honeymoon period appears to have been over after about 6 months. I feel I am last on his list now, work, kids, house and if he has time left to speak with me on WhatsApp for 5. I feel neglected. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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You have been in a relationship for two years now. The relationship has become stale and because you are not in his physical presence he has begun to make you his last priority. It is hard enough to have a long distance relationship and when there are children involved even the strongest marriages have partners that can feel pushed aside for the interest of the children. It is time to have a conversation with him about you, at least relocating to his area if not living with him. Depending on his custodial arrangement or job situation it may not be realistic to expect him to move to your area. Before you bury the relationship make that conversation happen.

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He is not texting me regularly like he used to..does he still love me?

We are in long distance relationship. His parents are visiting. He said he is super busy with work too. but shouldn't he have enough time to just send me a text that he is thinking of me?

Do not fret or worry. If his parents are visiting and he is working, it is not that he is ignoring you or not thinking about you, but he is devoting his free time to his parents. It is normal for something like this to happen in a long distance relationship. If you were there, you would be going with the flow and doing things with his parents and him but you are miles away so it is not that you are an after thought. Continue to send him occasional thoughtful messages and do not worry if he does not respond right away.

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I'm stuck in a relationship, and I need advice?

I have no idea what to do in my situation. I asked a few of my close friends for their word of advice to help me and they all just told me to break up with him. Let's just say I'm not going to do that. The only way I'll break up with him is if he cheats. It's been nine months and I feel like if I do happen to break up with him, then those nine months will be wasted. He has been waiting until 8 PM almost every night to call and talk to me. He is not employed and is not schooling so he has no specific "schedule", and if I ask what he did he'll just tell me a few things. I tried talking to him about it, and he keeps saying he will dump everything for me, but I believe he needs a life of his own. Don't get me wrong, he's a sweetheart and will do anything for me when he has the time, but I do not want to aggravate him and push him away even more by asking over and over again to talk to me more. I probably sound like a clingy, naive woman stressing out about a relationship too much. I'm stuck. Any other useful advice for me?

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Since he is not employed and not in school he probably does not have much to report to you about his daily activities. He seems to lack motivation, and if this bothers you, encouragement towards a future with you may give him more motivation. If all he does is play video games all day be aware that will be his favorite way to spend time for years to come. Asking for more attention from him is not an unreasonable request. You need that to feel secure in your relationship because your love language is quality time spent together/attention. Do not try to change that for him but do request more from him. After 9 months it is time to discuss future plans for the relationship so do not worry about bringing it up to him. Especially since you do not plan on breaking up with him.

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What should I do about this situation...I don't understand?

I had one date with him in January. He set up two other dates at that time and canceled both. One for a cold, and one because the roads were icy and he did not want to drive. He emailed me every day but did not like to talk on the phone because he does want that at work. He told me that he was going to Miami for a few days and would contact me on his return, He contacted me in July, 6 months later. I was hesitant but decided to give him a second chance because I liked him. He told me that his brother had a heart attack and was upset by this and this is why it took him 6 months to get back to me. We went out 2 times in July. Then suddenly his company is being fined by the SEC. He is a broker. Again, very little contact and no date for one week so far. I have no idea when he will be free of his work problem. He is always polite and apologetic when he writes scarcely. We are not kids, in fact, we are in our sixties.

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Currently, you are in a relationship as if you were an item that he plays with when he has time. He seems to be interested but does not know how to properly manage his time for a relationship. Because you are both mature adults you should take this relationship as more of a friendship and casual dating experience.

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Give him a chance but do not put too much emphasis on the relationship. If you want to meet other people then do so if there has not been a discussion of exclusivity.

Why is he acting like this? He is being very mean?

I am confused, when we started seeing each other, he was really into it calling and texting every day. We had a great time last Saturday and he hasn't called since. I texted him twice this week and each time they were short answers and he's too busy.

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Something probably happened on that date to turn him off towards you. It is completely possible that he is very busy but what changed in his schedule that is different from the previous weeks and if you can't think of anything then he is politely brushing you off. Wait a week before you message him or call him again and see if he tries to reach out to you. If he does not then after a week you should message him that you are moving on unless he can make more time for you to at least give you a text message back from time to time. That is not too much to ask in a relationship. Try to think back on that Saturday that you spent together if you may have said something that could cause him to back off like this. Even an offhand comment can make a person evaluate the relationship.

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