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Show Your Girlfriend You Are Mad

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What to do when your girlfriend is mad at you, whereas she's at fault?

We started dating, say, a month ago, I always noticed she behaved awkwardly anytime we're together, anytime I tried talking to her, she easily gets distracted, and prefer leaving, she never gets comfortable when I try holding her hands, hugging or taking her on a date. Most times, while chatting, she's online but can take her mostly half an hour to reply each text message, I noticed all of this and felt I should tell her my feelings but nothing changed, Last week, I went on a vacation, I only teased her that we wouldn't chat all through my vacation, she said she was comfortable with it, that it was the best decision for me to make, I then got irritated by her response and reacted but tried to control my temper, she became angry and furious, claiming I made her sad, and depressed, that she had been putting her best into the relationship but I don't see it. After saying those words, she totally ignored me, I tried sending messages via text because I'm still on my vacation so I wouldn't be able to see her in-person for now. I've been sending lots of messages but no response and she doesn't even seem to care, I remembered I was being asked by my friend, that if she was really my girlfriend, that she behaved like I was a stranger. Now she's angry with me, when originally, she was the one at fault, I'm so stressed out, and don't even know what to do, and I don't want to break up anytime soon, What am I supposed to do in this kind of situation? It is similar to the article, because I didn't really know how to express my anger, which led to the current situation. I have tried: I tried texting her multiple times, (can't be able to see her in-person for now). I think it was caused by: I tried expressing my feelings on how she was behaving awkwardly in a relationship that barely started a month ago.

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Show Your Girlfriend You Are Mad

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