What to Do When Your Heart is Broken

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The Stages and What to Do When Your Heart is Broken?

At some point in our life we all experience a heart problem. Nobody is perfect as they say; you have to experience and know sadness for you to know happiness. Most people even if they do not admit it always want a happily ever after but then it breaks your heart when the ever after that you have been dreaming does not happen.

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    When someone you love left you or broke your heart, what would you feel
    You will feel abandoned, betrayed and alone. You start questioning yourself 'What do others have that I don't?' 'What did I do wrong?' This is normal, this is the first reaction when someone gets a broken heart sometimes you even lose confidence about yourself. How to deal with this?
    1. It is okay to cry, you can cry a river if you want. Let it all out, you can scream, shout, and cry out loud. These actions will help you let all the pain inside you go. It will not go away in an instant but slowly, these things will help you release all the feelings.
    2. Talk to someone, it is more help to share what you feel with others rather than carry it around on your own. The more you keep things to yourself, the longer you feel sad and the more you feel alone so it is best to share this to someone.
    3. Do not seclude yourself. When you stay alone, it just makes you think and feel all the sadness again and again. You need to go out and be with your friends and family to feel the love of those who are close to you. It may be a different kind of love but your family and friends' love helps to make you feel that you are not alone.
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    After you pour all your feelings out, the next stage that usually replaces the sadness and pain is anger
    You feel anger and hate inside you. At the mention of the person's name, or if the person who broke your heart calls you or you hear anything about the person, it makes you feel angry.
    1. It is okay to feel angry; this is part of letting all the pain out. Sometimes anger or hate can make us think and do something that can make us regret it afterwards. If you are already in this stage, just go out with your friends or go to a place where you can shout your anger or go to one of those places where people can break glasses and plates, for example. There are even some restaurants that have this.
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    A time will come when you will no longer be angry or you will no longer feel the pain
    The memory will still be there but you may not remember the feeling anymore. Sometimes when you remember or think of it, it can make you laugh and you can't believe you felt that way or why you did some crazy things just for that one person.
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    Don't worry when someone breaks your heart
    It may be painful at the moment you are feeling it but a time will come that you will get over it and then you can move on. There will always be a painful experience at some point in our lives. This is what they call the circle of life. When the time comes, you will find someone you can finally be with. Your heart might be broken now but then maybe you are just being made stronger. You need to know pain and real love so when the right person comes, you'll know and you will be ready.
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