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Tell Your Dad You Know He's Cheating on Your Mom

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What should I do in the case that I found my father cheating on your mother?

Ever since my dad purchased some land about a couple of hundred miles away, I noticed some very specific set of behavioural changes. I started noticing that my dad had been acting weird, being overprotective about his phone and car. He basically started revealing signs that he was in an affair; coming home latent attending my mom's calls on a very specific time of day and all that regular stuff. then, about a week agog noticed weird texts on his phone as it lay charging on the coffee table in the lounge. There were some texts from a person rudely asking him to meet soon and that the person missed him. I quickly realised that this person had been assigned a fake name in order to hide the true identity of this person from the family. Apparently, my father slipped that day when he left his phone lying at the table unattended. I have been looking at the matter and have been tracking his location to a very specific spot downtown which he frequently visits two to three times a week. I have also tracked the name of the SIM card holder and found out that the person is surely female. I haven't been able to find a Facebook account. Anyway, my point is that I think that I have gathered enough evidence that my father is indeed seeing someone. This puts me at a very difficult position as I don't know what to do. I don't want my family to break apart and neither do I want to ignore the severity of the situation. I need help so that I can confront my father and solve the situation preferably without my mom knowing; as she would not be able to handle the bitter reality. I would really appreciate your help as it could help bring our family back together. The existing article does not cover the situation of someone in such a difficult position as my mom can't handle the truth, and I have no idea how my father will react. Moreover, I also need advice on whether to confront the person my father is meeting behind our backs. Don't get me wrong, you have aa wonderful article and it covers almost every aspect of the situation. I just need more advice on confrontation. I am myself going through a stressful phase as I am going through my CIE exams which are to be held in about a week I would also appreciate advice on how to cope with the situation without it affecting my grades.

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Taimoor. I have tried: I have decided to keep quiet and investigate until the right time, and have not done a confrontation. I think it was caused by: Perhaps the fact that we didn't interact with him that much, as he is a businessman and is not home for most of the week.

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Tell Your Dad You Know He's Cheating on Your Mom

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