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Connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or 3 (tab 10.1, Tab 8.9, Tab 7.7, Tab 7.0 Plus) to your TV

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I have a Samsung Tab2 tablet. I want to watch dish network on my TV. I bought an adapter -HDMI to my tablet. I hook it up to my TV and click watch TV and I do not get anything. I switch to HDMI on my TV

How can I watch TV from my tablet?

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I have a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 hooked to my hot properly, but nothing. I think I am reading that this device does not have the software to output the TV signal regardless of the physical connection. Is this the case?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is very much able to output its screen to a supporting TV. Take note that your TV must support HDMI, not just any normal which I think is your case. If you have the right accessories (cable) and the right knowledge (read through this article), you should be able to mirror your Tab 2's screen to your TV. When you buy a TV, see to it that the TV supports HDMI. If you want to be sure, bring your Tab 2 and the cable to try if they are compatible.

Samsung Galaxy tab 3can I buy a converter to go in the mini USB to the normal USB for my internet dongle whilst I am out on the go?

I need to go on the internet when I'm out and about so can I get a mini USB to normal USB converter so I can use it on my Samsung Galaxy tab 3 to plug in my internet dongle

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (WiFi only) is not capable of connecting to the internet using a 3G Dongle or the USB internet dongle.

So, even if you can buy the converter or adapter for your Tablet, you will not be able to connect that USB dongle into your Tablet.

You can insert it but it will not work.

Tab 2 doesn't appear to have a mini or micro port to use adapter. I have looked at three different smart phones and tablets and none appear to have this type port?

All is above, am I missing something here. Want to connect tablet direct to TV to display tablet screen for movies. I have tried: Bought an adapter. I think it was caused by: No port on Tab 2

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Connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or 3 (tab 10.1, Tab 8.9, Tab 7.7, Tab 7.0 Plus) to your TV
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Nothing on my TV screen, off my tab 2 through the HDTV adapter?

I've connected my tab 2 to the TV with a HDMI cable via the Samsung

HDTV adapter, but cannot get anything to show on the screen of the TV, although the film is playing with sound OK on my tab. the TV is set to the device but says no input. thanks

Make sure that the cable (HDMI) is compatible with your Tablet. There are some instances that it will not work on other devices. You will also need to enable TV output on your Tablet (this is under settings>more). It is also possible that you will need a converter for the cable.

Problem connecting Samsung Galaxy 8 Tablet to HDTV?

I bought a micro USB to HDMI cord as well as the 5 pin to 11 pin converter. The Tablet is still not showing up on the screen

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See more questions like this: I purchased an MHL (Samsung ) HDMI adapter for my Samsung tablet ( T-350) 10" & it won't work, but it will work with my Galaxy S5 smartphone?

Do you have other links where I can buy the Galaxy Tab HDTV Adapter? The Amazon link that you gave is out of stocks?

Contact the seller when he can have the supplies of stocks again. You can also check on these links selling the same item:

For other online retailers that sells the exact Samsung genuine MHL adapter, you can check out Newegg here:


You can also check out eBay listings here:


If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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