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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone

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Samsung Galaxy S7 what is the code to prove an original phone?

Please explain this phone is original or not and how do I check it in process

The Samsung codes are posted in the main VisiHow article on this page. Some of these codes work on all Android devices. The code in parentheses (*#0*#) only works on Samsung devices and brings up tests for the LCD display of a Samsung Galaxy device.

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What proves if a Samsung Galaxy is original?

Samsung Galaxy original signs, please tell


Just about every Samsung Galaxy gets a cloned device. Then again this goes for any major mobile device brand. One of the best ways to tell if your phone is original is actually to be able to touch it and take images. As much as clones try to put the best features of the phone in their cloned device, they fail with image quality. Also, these clones usually have a cheap plastic casing. If you want to purchase a phone online, you should buy it from a reputable major tech website. Even then, research them to make sure they are not selling clones.

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What is the correct code to determine a genuine Samsung phone?

I want to buy Samsung S4 and do not want to be cheated?

Try inputting *#2222# and using the information it gives you to assess whether or not your phone is genuine.

Does the Android logo/image presence in the DFU mode signify whether the phone is original or not?

I mean I have a Samsung Duos phone, when I enter the DFU mode I am not seeing the usual Android logo, so is it original or fake? I did all other sensor and battery tests and it passed them all, so is it original or fake?

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If you mean the recovery or download mode, then the answer is that different recovery menu images or menu items may only signify that your phone was either rooted or flashed with another firmware. This does not mean that your device is fake, but it can be a sign of being such if the smartphone, packed into a sealed box, was actually sold with a custom recovery menu in a store. For example, ClockworkMod recovery menu may have an icon with a hat and Team Win's Recovery Project recovery menu may have buttons instead of plain text.

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To learn if it is original, connect it to a PC with Smart Switch or Kies 3.0 and check if the program recognizes your phone. Do not forget to install the Samsung USB driver.

The above questions are from the following wiki...
Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone
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How do I tell whether my HTC G10 is an original phone?

What code do I have to dial in order to prove genuineness of my HTC G10 PHONE

Dial *#06# in the keypad to bring up your phone info with IMEI number. Then go to IMEI.info and put the IMEI number in the search field. Certify that you are not a robot by checking the box below the search field and click Check to run the number.

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How to assure iPhone 5S is original?

How can we distinguish the difference between an original iPhone 5S and fake iPhone 5S?

Determine Fake vs. Real Iphone is a VisiHow article with information on how you can make sure you are not buying a fake iPhone. If you can get the IMEI number it will also show if the phone has been refurbished. Many iPhone 5S's on the market are authentic and can be purchased online or even eBay but you should request the IMEI number so you can check before purchase.

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Original LeTv Leeco Le 2 pro or NOT?

I have purchased a LeTv Leeco Le 2 Pro handset from China through aliexpress.com which is a sister concern of Alibaba.com, I want to know, is this handset is Original LeTv handset or a clone?

If you can open the back casing and remove the battery, then your phone is a clone. That being said, I have not yet seen any reports of this model having a clone because it is on the low end price for a smartphone already. There is no motivation to clone it since it already sells at what the cloned version of say a Samsung or iPhone would.

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I have a Huawei GR3 and I want to know whether it's original?

Phone Huawei..GR3...How or where to send the IMEI no.xxxxxxxxxxx3399

According to IMEI.info's website, the IMEI is assigned to an original Huawei so you do have a real device and not a clone.

Hi, I want to buy Galaxy S5 tomorrow, so I want to make sure that I've the right S5 phone?

How to identify the original Samsung S5

If the price is too good to be true then it is probably a clone. If you are purchasing from a used online seller, then you can ask for the IMEI first before you purchase so that you can check authenticity. Your cell phone service carrier will not sell you a cloned device in deception.

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I would like to buy a second hand HTC one m8 smartphone but I don't know how to prove if its genuine or fake?

How to know a real HTC m8 smartphone.

Ask the seller for the IMEI number. Let them know that you wish to authenticate before purchase. If they refuse to give it to you, then do not purchase the phone or request they screenshot the IMEI proof of authentication. If your gut is telling you it is a cloned device then just walk away. Always trust your intuition.

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What are the effects of each IMEI digit? Even though the IMEI is correct, what is the effect of each 15 digits number?

Even though the IMEI is correct, what is the effect of each 15 digits number? some people focus on 7th and 8th digits, so how much is this true?. for example my phone is Samsung Galaxy duos J1 and its IMEI is:xxxxx/01. what do /01 represent? Thanks!. What are the two digits separated by '/' symbol after 15 digit IMEI? What is the advantage of focusing on them? How do I believe their originality because I couldn't check them from: www.imei.info. I have tried: I have read the post related to checking the originality of a mobile phone especially based on the output of *#06#. I think it was caused by: I thought absence of further explanations on each digit and symbols of IMEI and SN

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The /01 means the Software Version. So you have a phone with the first software version of the assembly production. Do you have the Samsung Galaxy App Store in your App Drawer? Can you actually see Samsung apps when you tap it? Also, try registering the device on Samsung.com because if the website does not recognize your device, this is the ultimate sign that you have a clone.

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IMEI xxxxxxxxxxx9952 AND xxxxxxxxxxx9960?

Just want to know if my Samsung A9 is genuine or not? please advise. Super thanks in advance. . . Respectfully Yours,. Raymar

  • xxxxxxxxxxx9952 and 9960 are both Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 devices. Perhaps you misread the advertisement for the phones because they are not the newer Samsung A9 from 2016.

I need to learn hack WiFi password and how to program?

I am student and I need to learn hacking. I don't have money to complete my education, please

Hacking a WiFi password is illegal and a form of theft. What you can do, is approach the owners of the router and ask if you can use their WiFi for your educational studies. As for money to complete your education, scour the internet for possible grants and scholarships. See if you can apply for a work-study program at your educational institution.

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I would like to unlock my T679 Exhibit II 4G (SGH-T679M)?

Am unable to use my phone here in Africa to be specific am in Uganda, Kindly help. I have tried: I have tried different network lines but all in vain. .. I think it was caused by: I think it is locked to the original carrier that am not sure of.

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This YouTube Tutorial shows you how to unlock a T679 Exhibit II 4G device from the carrier. You will then be able to put a different SIM in from another carrier. Many large companies have Global rates for long term travel. You can check these out if you are afraid of bricking your device during the unlocking process.

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How to know if HTC desire is being repaired or is intact?

I am planning to buy a second hand HTC desire eye. It's not fake but how can I know if its opened for repair or not

  1. 1
    Turn the phone on and dial *#*#786#*#* which is the HTC code to see if your phone is reconditioned.
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    This will bring up the RTN menu.
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    Click View and scroll down to find Reconditioned Status. You want it to say NO.
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