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Keep car from getting towed

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Hello, Can you advise some anti wrecking equipment preventing my car being towed?

Hello, Can you advise some anti wrecking equipment preventing my car being towed?

Electronic engine immobilizers with the one of the best, [www.ravelco.com/ Ravelco Anti Theft Device], locks the electrical system of your car. The car can't be hot wired with this installed and you need basically the other half of the sensor to start the car. If you move your wheels all the way to the left or the right while parked the tow truck driver will not be able to tow your car. That being said a crank and flatbed can still remove your vehicle if the tow operator is determined.

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My truck was towed while still having an enclosed car trailer still connected to it (32ft) for blocking a driveway. Is this even legal, due to safety or possible damage to my equipment?

Hello there, my truck and trailer were still "hooked up" or connected, and they were towed together. I was parked blocking a driveway, however I was told by the hotel I was staying at that the driveway was part of their property and that it was OK to block. I believe that the hotel manager set me up, and my question is in reference to whether or not it is legal to tow the truck and trailer hooked? Is it even safe? Is it legal? I also got hit with a ticket for each vehicle, and towing/storage fees for each vehicle. The total was $1,804.00. I could not get the vehicles back until the following morning. This took place in Oakland, Ca. I feel like I was extorted. I wouldn't be that upset if it were just for half. Just seems exceedingly high. I have had to use heavy duty tows before, and it is usually 150.00 an hour. By the way, the vehicles were towed 9 miles away from where they were parked. The vehicles were cited with a parking ticket at roughly 7pm and towed by 11pm, or so the paperwork says. I was aware the vehicle was gone by 10:30pm, and called to find out that the vehicle had been towed before 11pm. Just seems awfully shady. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. I have tried: I called the clerk at the Oakland PD, and the only thing she told me was that I can contest the ticket if I had permission to block the driveway. I had permission from the hotel manager, but after leaving the city of Oakland, I live in Los Angeles, the manager is and has been avoiding communication. I believe I was set up.. I think it was caused by: I was blocking a driveway to an empty dirt lot, that I was told belonged to the Hotel I was staying at, and after checking with the hotel management, I was told I could block the driveway as it was part of Hotel property. However, after the incident occurred, the hotel manager completely avoided all communication once I left town.

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First, the towing of a truck and trailer is considered a triple tow. California is one of the states that allow this towing method. The only law about the triple tow is that the length can not exceed 65 ft. Predatory Towing is against the law and if the hotel manager was in collusion with the tow truck company, they can be prosecuted. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence with tow truck companies that are less than reputable and hotel employees. The employees will receive a kick back for reporting vehicles in their parking lot and guests are the perfect victim. to prey upon.Guests are unfamiliar with the city and only staying for a short period of time so the tows rarely get fought in court. Now you should contest the ticket and contact the Attorney General about a possible scam in this hotel. You should also contact the travel and tourism branch in Oakland.

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Slam the hotel on tripadvisor, yelp and other websites for travel reviews. Use it as a PSA platform to help others avoid this possible scam at that establishment. You may be surprised and find others that this happened to who stayed there. You should also contact the corporate office of the hotel chain. Threaten to go after them legally for what happened during your stay. Explain that you have tried repeatedly to contact the hotel manager but they are dodging your calls.

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You can file a claim against the city of Oakland and you really should. It will bring the towing fees, company and why the vehicle was towed into a Court of Law. Predatory towing is deplorable in the eyes of the law and it sounds rather easy to prove your matter was predatory. You were blocking an empty dirt lot and got towed in the evening when there was no work in progress on that lot. If you are planning on fighting this in court, you may want to hire a private investigator to monitor that lot and see if it happens to others and not just you. Trust me it probably does. You can then have more proof to back up your claim that the towing was predatory and get reimbursement for the impound fees.

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Just wondering why its so important to you that people are getting towed?

I own a tow Co., I was just wondering,

I am guessing it was just a how to article that someone posted about keeping your car from being towed. There is nothing wrong with owning a Tow Company and as long as you like so many others follow the law when towing there is no ill intent with this article. As you know, people do get illegally towed and deal with unscrupulous people in the towing industry but there are people like that in every industry. You can certainly edit the article with helpful information or answer questions because you are an expert in the field. Considering tow truck operators have helped me in difficult situations, thanks for providing a necessary service!

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Is there a law stating the Repo man has to take full payment if available on the spot?

Is there a law stating the Repo man has to take full payment if available on the spot

Your lender has to agree to the payment and that the Repo man will take the payment from you. Lenders just want to be paid but think about it, would you trust that Repo man who you do not know to carry around $2,000 of your money with no receipt or agreement from the lender? You did not say where you reside regarding an actual law but most laws across the board state that you need to deal with the lender directly or another lender that buys out your debt which that is not the Repo man. He is like a Bounty Hunter that get payment for towing a car yet can't keep you out of jail like a judge can.

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Are these normal/standard procedure and rates?

The tow company is charging a towing fee $150 + overnight fee $65 + after hours gate fee $80 - is that normal/standard procedure and rates?. I have tried: Request waiver of overnight &/or gate fees because its been less than 24 hours

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