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Clear up Acne

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What does eskinol cucumber do to our skin?

The Eskinol cucumber facial cleanser is specifically indicated in the management and prevention of acne. Below are some positive and negative effects of using Eskinol cucumber facial cleanser on your face:


  • Has micro cleanse formula that deeply cleans skin pores.
  • Removes excessive oil in the face.
  • Contains vitamin A and vitamin E which efficiently helps in moisturizing the skin.
  • With antibacterial formula that efficiently reduces bacterial infection in the skin.
  • Effectively dries up pimples within 3 to 4 days.
  • Has a cooling effect on the skin.


  • Dries the skin.
  • May irritate the skin forming red marks because of its alcohol and salicylic acid contents.

To sum it up, using Eskinol facial cleanser when used properly will efficiently helps moisturize the skin, deeply cleans and unclogs blocked pores in the skin, kills bacteria causing pimples and acne, and lastly, it helps in nourishing your skin because of its Vitamin A and E contents.

Eskinol is basically a brand for facial cleanser and the cucumber that you are seeing on the brand logo is an aroma that has been added in the finish product for you to avoid heavy smell. Eskinol comes with different aromas like lemon, papaya, cucumber and a lot more.

Eskinol is a deep cleanser that gives your face a healthy youthful glow. This can remove excess oil and dirt on your face that can leave your skin naturally whiter than before.

Aside from the scent that has been added, it has also some properties that can help you to prevent whiteheads, blackheads and pimples from keep on coming back on your face. By it's extract, it can also moisturize your skin, to stay soft, supple and smooth.

When you are applying Eskinol on your face skin. Make sure that you are going to avoid woulds, inflamed or the injured. If you are going to apply Eskinol, you must use a cotton then moisten it and apply it on your face. It would be better if you apply it twice a day. Morning, after you wake up and Evening before you went to sleep.

What is the first effect of the cleanser?

In a few days what are the indication that the cleanser is effective?

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Clear up Acne

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