What Are the Best Car Dollies That Can Be Used for Pulling Trucks Too

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While on vacation, many people who own an RV (recreation vehicle) also tow their family car behind. For several reasons we will discuss below, a car dolly is used for this purpose, rather than other methods of towing a vehicle.

The Best Dollies for Both Cars and Trucks

There are various types of car dollies, and the best ones depend on your what you intend to use it for, and your personal preference. When it comes to pulling a truck with a car dolly, it is not recommended. It will be explained below why this is not advised.

How to Choose the Right Car Dolly

Since there are several variations of car dollies, such as steering and non-steering, revolving and non-revolving, and ones with brakes verses ones without brakes, you need to consider your personal needs before making a purchase or renting.

  1. 1
    Your specific needs
    Consider which type is best for your situation and kind of car to be towed.
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    There is also a price range to consider. Prices generally range from $900-$3,000, depending on the brand, size, quality of materials, and available features.
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    Front-Wheel Drive
    1. The car dolly is very convenient to use if you have a front-wheel drive vehicle.
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    Rear-wheel or Four-wheel drive
    1. Before you tow a car with either a rear-wheel or four-wheel drive using a dolly, you have to disconnect the axle to save your transmission.
    2. Disconnecting the axle can be done if you want to have all four wheels rolling on a towed vehicle.
    3. The dolly will accommodate this set-up as well, and it is an option if you want to take the brunt of the towing weight off your towing vehicle. This will result in better gas mileage.
    4. A benefit to having your front wheels mounted on the dolly is that while your vehicle is being towed, those miles will not be added to your odometer.
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  5. 5
    Your make and model of vehicle must be considered for both vehicles involved in towing with a dolly
    1. Consult the owner's manual for each vehicle.
    2. You must consider the towing capacity of your vehicle, the towing weight of the car to be towed, and the safest way to tow the car without incurring any disasters.
    3. Some vehicles must be modified before such a transport, and there are several vehicles that have very specific ways that they can be towed - otherwise you risk serious damage to your car.
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    The dolly weighs at least 500 pounds, or 225 kilograms
    With all of that combined weight, it is recommended to purchase or rent a dolly with brakes.
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    You should have a towing vehicle that is larger than the towed vehicle by at least 750 pounds, or 340 kilograms.
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    Set up your car safety
    1. Hook up the dolly to the towing vehicle before you load the car for towing onto the dolly.
    2. Load the car to be towed from the front only.
    3. Never make a sharp turn while towing a car using a car dolly.
    4. There should never be passengers in the towed vehicle.
    5. Install a brake and lighting system if there is not one on your dolly.
    6. Never back up with a car-towing dolly. It can cause jackknifing unless you are a skilled driver and you have experience driving this equipment in reverse.
    7. Check underneath both vehicles and the tow dolly before you begin your trip. You don't want any parts dangling, or bouncing off the pavement. It's better to avoid these situations.
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  • If you are jolted by a bump or pothole during towing, pull over and check the alignment of the towed car and all connections.
  • Be careful and drive at a lower speed while towing any vehicle.
  • Be careful and drive at a lower speed also while pulling an empty tow dolly.
  • Ensure that tires are inflated well on both vehicles and the tow dolly.
  • Due to the stress on your towing vehicle, ensure that it is prepared well for the trip. Make sure that all your fluids are at the right levels.
  • It's a really good idea if you're close to getting an oil change, do so before you leave on your trip.
  • Remember - this will put strain on the towing vehicle.

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