Welcome a Repeat Guest to Your Hotel

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Hello, and thank you for watching VisiHow. In today's tutorial, we will learn how to welcome a repeat guest to our hotel.


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    Maintain accurate records. It helps to have the guests' names spelled correctly in our system so they can be easily located. Ensure that names are in the proper order, both first and last names. Keep track of how many times a guest has stayed at the hotel. This is very easy to do if we're using a property management system such as OPERA or Fidelio. In this case, the guest may be eligible to be considered one of our hotel's VIPs either now or in the future.
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    Place a note on the guest's account. If we're using a property management system, it is easy to do this through alerts. An alert can be placed as a check-in alert so that our receptionist knows when they open the reservation to check the guest in that this guest is a repeat guest and should be welcomed in a particular way.
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    Welcome the guest personally. One way is to simply say, "Welcome back!". If we are a receptionist at the Paradise Hotel and we have Mr. Smith coming to stay with us again, we can say, "Mr. Smith, welcome back! It's nice to see you again." This is a pleasant surprise for a guest before they have even shown their ID.
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    Perform a quick check-in. If we have a relationship built up with a guest, and we know who they are, we may not need to ask for their ID. However, we should only do this in cases in which we absolutely do know the guest with which we are dealing.
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    Write a letter for a repeat guest and place it in their room prior to their arrival.
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    Place any repeat guest amenities. This could be a couple of chocolates or some pieces of fruit nicely arranged on a plate or in a basket. This shows Mr. Smith that we really appreciate his repeat business. If we're leaving an amenity, it is best to leave it with the letter or a short note, so that the guest is absolutely sure that it's for them and does not question it as a mistake.
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    This concludes today's tutorial on how to welcome a repeat guest back to your hotel. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave them in the space below.
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Video: Welcome a Repeat Guest to Your Hotel

Questions and Answers

Welcome back note for a regular guest?

I need to write a welcome back note for a guest who has stayed with us for 37 times

When writing this note you will want to use a pen and paper and not a printed out message. Making it personal conveys that you personally appreciate the repeat business. As stated in the article, giving a small gift like a basket of snacks or a comp for one of the services provided by the hotel is a grand gesture sure to keep their repeat business. Make a point that the front desk gives them a preferred room and that it is the utmost in quality standard of your hotel even if that means that you have to personally check it before arrival.

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