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Are you a fan of English movies? Or simply wants to visit the lovely and amazing film locations of popular movies or maybe you are just curious where it is exactly located, how does it look like exactly for real and if the movie location is just computer generated or a real location, then all you have to do is search and plan your visit.

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Visiting Film Locations


Chatsworth House, Derbyshire: "The Duchess" Movie Film Location

  • Have you ever wondered where Mr Darcy's house in the movie Pride and Prejudice is? What about the Duke's house and Garden in the movie The Duchess? What about the Scary looking house of the classic movie The Wolfman? Well then the good news is you can visit the place all at once as all 3 movies are filmed in the same place in Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.
  • Chatsworth House is a wonderful attraction, there are so many things to do, aside from visiting the exact location of each scene, you can play on their playground garden and have a tour in this historic house. There are also other activities like equestrian that you can watch but if you want to enjoy the other events being held in this place you need to set your schedule and visit their site for the dates of their events.
  • The entrance fee is not too expensive, you may spend more in travelling than the entrance fee, and you can stay all day and if you choose to book online your parking is for free.
  • The admission for adult if you want to have a tour for the whole place is £19.00, for child £13.00, for senior citizen and student £17.00.
  • If you are from England, all you have to do is use your GPS and check the distance from your hometown to calculate how much you will spend to travel, but if you are visiting from another country, you have to calculate from which airport you will be coming from or you can just include or add this to your itinerary.

Burghley House, Lincolnshire


  • What about the Rosings, the House of Lady Catherine Aunt of Mr Darcy? Here is your chance to visit it is on Burghley House, Lincolnshire, aside from visiting the house seeing the scene locations, you will also enjoy your visit by setting your date of visit with their events and or enjoy their other amenities.
  • Tickets / admissions are cheaper than other attractions and there are so many attractions to see. You can select the day on which you can see how they re-enact or show the festival of each movie that has been shoot in this location. The tickets to view the film festivals are different from the admission tickets, you may choose to view the festival or just simply visit the lovely House and Garden.
  • The admission for adult is £12.70, for a child of 3 - 15 years old £6.50 and for senior citizen £11.50.
  • To book you have to visit their site for you to have a place in the tour. All places and or attraction in this house must be pre-booked.

Stanage Edge, Derbyshire


  • Do you ever wonder if Elizabeth Bennet's overwhelming view on their way to Pemberley on the movie Pride and Prejudice a real place or a computer generated scene? It is real, it is located on Stanage Edge, Peak District, Derbyshire, do you want to have a picture and do the same pose as Elizabeth? Then all you have to do is plan your trip and visit the place. This place is very stunning, most impressive of the gritstone edges.
  • If you fancy rock climbing and or parachuting then you can also enjoy this activity in this place aside from just posing a picture.
  • To visit places all you have to do is search online and check their official site for admissions and prices, events and activities and then you can save and prepare your budget for your trip.

Basildon Park, Reading: Film Location for Mr Bingley's House in the Movie "Pride and prejudice"


  • Another very amazing and diverting film location is the Basildon Park, Reading which was the Netherfield Park the residence of Mr Bingley in Pride and prejudice movie.
  • To visit this place it is best to book online and let the customer service know when you will be visiting and your plan for tour to prepare a guide.
  • If you want to have a tour on the whole property then the admission for Adult is £10.90, for child £5.40.

Montacute House, Somerset


Another lovely house to visit, this is where the movie Sense and Sensibility was set the Home of the Palmers.

It is usually open 11am to 5pm. The standard whole property tour admission is £10.50 for Adult and £5.20 for Child.

If you are going by car all you need to do is set your GPS to this post code to lead you to the house Montacute, TA15 6XP.

Compton Castle


Although this place was only shown the outside view in the movie Sense and Sensibility as the 'Combe Magna', Mr Willoughby's Estate to inherit, this place was though only shown very short but it has a good view and a nice place to visit with.

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The admission to this castle is cheaper than the other house. The admission for Adult: £5.00 and Child: £2.50.

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