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A merger of two articles is a manual process by which the contents of two pages are going to be merged together on one page. The merge policies of VisiHow are mindful of and based on those which are used at Wikipedia and other wiki sites online and are used sparingly, but when necessary, articles that you have written may be merged with others.

Reasons to merge a page include the following:

  • Unnecessary duplication of content
  • Significant overlap with the topic of another page
  • Minimal content that could be covered in or requires the context of a page on a broader topic.

Merging is a normal editing action, something any editor or category editor can do, and as such generally does not need to be proposed and processed like a normal edit. If you think merging something improves the wiki you can be bold and perform the merger, as described below.

Because of this, it makes little sense to object to a merger purely on procedural grounds, e.g. "you cannot do that without discussion" is not a good argument.

If the merger is controversial, however, you may find your merger reverted, and as with all other edits, edit wars should be avoided. If you are uncertain of the merger's appropriateness, or believe it might be controversial, or your merger ends up reverted, you can propose it on either or both of the affected pages by using the discussion page to note both articles and propose the merger.

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