Vanish Stretch Marks Using Coconut Oil and Potato

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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a form of skin scarring, usually taking the form of marks with off-colored tones that start out as reddish or purple and gradually fade to white or gray. Often they are a result of the rapid stretching of the skin, most commonly occurring among pregnant women, and rapid weight gain or weight loss, but it can also be influenced by various hormonal changes during puberty and physical changes with your body. This rapid stretching of the skin causes the elastic fibers under the skin's surface to break and thus ultimately results in stretch marks.

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Hormones such as glucocorticoid are responsible for the development of stretch marks. They cause a disruption with the dermis by preventing fibroblasts from forming the essential collagen and elastic fibers that help keep the skin taught. When this happens, there is a lack of supportive materials and the skin is stretched and thus leads to the tearing of the outer layer of the skin.

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Stretch marks are a sign that the body's growth or weight gain is not proportional to the skin's ability to keep up with this growth. They can appear almost anywhere on the body, especially in places where large amount of fat are stored. Stretch marks are not exclusive to women. Excessive weight gain is the main cause for men to acquire stretch marks. Some of the most common areas where they can be found are on the abdomen, upper & under arms, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, and breasts (for women).

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During the later stage of pregnancy, women often gain 30 pounds or more of extra weight, and this rapid growth causes a strain on the skin that your body cannot handle. Preventions and remedies must be implemented to reduce the incidence of stretch marks. Although they do not pose any health risks, it is important to try to prevent them by taking care of your skin. The worst thing about stretch marks, is they can make you insecure about your body, and self-conscious.

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Suddenly gaining weight may result in stretch marks, especially if you have been pregnant. These lines may make you feel self-conscious about wearing your favorite swimsuits, and may prevent you from exposing a bit of your body to show some of your sexy side. The wonderful thing - natural remedies such as coconut and potatoes are available and convenient to wage a battle against stretch marks.

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Coconut Oil For Stretch Marks

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A number of benefits can be derived from the coconut. The oil contains fatty acids that are beneficial when absorbed into the skin. It acts as an antibacterial that will help boost the immune system and fight against harmful bacteria. Since it's already an all-natural ingredient, using the oil from coconut will be safe for use, even for delicate skin. Another benefit is that coconut oil can be used to restore the skin back to normal.

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Coconut oil has multiple benefits when applied to the skin. Not only is it highly moisturizing, due to its oily composition and high vitamin E content, it can also help the skin repair itself.


  1. Vitamin E. This vitamin is essential for restoring the skin back to normal. Continued use helps to smooth out the skin, even the damaged areas with stretch marks. It has great anti-oxidant properties that help counteract the harmful toxins in the body, and delay signs of aging.
  2. Proteins. Coconut oil has a high protein content that is easily absorbed into the skin, making the topical use of coconut oil just as effective as drinking it.
  3. Saturated Fats. Coconut oil helps the skin' s ability to retain moisture. It is beneficial dry skin and ultimately helps lessen the damaged caused when the skin stretches.

Using coconut oil for stretch marks helps with the healing process and also helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Not only is it a great natural remedy, but it's safe and free from side effects.

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  1. Make Your Own Coconut Oil. You can make your own natural coconut oil or you can purchase the natural (organic), and less chemically processed ones available at stores.
  2. Apply on Skin. Get a teaspoon of coconut oil, and using a cotton ball, repeatedly apply the coconut oil to the affected skin. Rub it in well and massage the skin to allow the oil to absorb completely into the skin.
  3. Leave for 15mins & Rinse. Allow the skin to fully absorb the nutrients from the coconut oil to help aid in the healing process. Rinse the skin with lukewarm water afterwards.

Potatoes for Stretch Marks

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Potatoes contain vitamins, minerals, starch and skin-lightening enzymes which help to speed up the production of new skin cells. The nutrients and minerals found in potatoes will help keep the skin nourished and moisturized. Not only do potatoes work as an effective skin healing treatment, but it also works as an effective anti-aging treatment and skin lightener. It's also been found to be an effective emollient, which serves as an anti-inflammatory. All these things serve to revitalize stressed out skin.

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  1. Vitamins B-complex and C. The high vitamin content helps exfoliate the skin and promotes youthful glowing skin.
  2. Starch. Potatoes contain naturally occurring enzymes which help to exfoliate the skin, allowing for better absorption of the nutrients needed for the skin's good health.
  3. Essential Fatty Acids & Minerals. The high mineral content of potatoes stimulates collagen, and promotes the synthesis of elastin and essential cell production for a youthful and supple skin.
  4. Potassium. The potassium content in potatoes helps speed up the healing time, promoting an effective regeneration of damaged skin cells.


  1. Make Potato Juice. Crush one whole potato and extract its juice. Use the juice and a slice of potato to apply on the affected skin.
  2. Apply on Skin. Use cotton to repeatedly apply the potato juice, or a slice of potato on the skin.
  3. Leave on for 15mins & Rinse. Allow the skin to fully absorb the nutrients from the potato to help in the healing process. Rinse the skin with lukewarm water afterwards.


  • Drink lots of filtered or pure water.
  • Ensure the potatoes are in a healthy state. If it feels or looks weird, has growths, is green or mushy, discontinue application. The same goes with the coconut oil.
  • In case you can't find any coconut oil, here are some alternatives: Almond oil, wheat germ oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and vitamin E oil.
  • Prevention is always better than a cure. If you are an expecting mother, don't wait for the first sign of stretch marks before implementing a skin care moisturizing regimen. Make it a habit and develop it even after birth for a great skin complexion.
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  • Ensure proper handling of sharp objects to prevent possible dangers of injuring yourself.
  • Consult a medical practitioner before you try the solution above.

Questions and Answers

What is the concept behind using potatoes for stretchmarks?

The concept or rationale behind using potatoes to manage stretch marks is that the potato contains several minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for skin regeneration and skin nourishment, making the skin healthier and reducing the stretch marks. Below are some of the notable compounds found in potatoes regarding skin health:

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  • Contains a high amount of potassium among raw vegetables and fruits. Potassium is essential for every cell of the body because it helps regulate body fluids and helps store minerals in every cell, making stretch marks on the skin less noticeable.
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  • Contains Vitamin C. The vitamin C content of potatoes help reduce stretch marks on the skin. Vitamin C has good anti-oxidant properties, reducing cellular damage and aiding in the production of collagen, which greatly reduces stretch marks.
  • Contains Iron. Iron is one of the major components of red blood cells that transport oxygen to different parts of the body. Iron also aids in the cell's utilization of oxygen and overall function, effective in reducing skin stretch marks.
  • Potato also contains Vitamin B6, which plays major roles in protein and carbohydrate metabolism and helps the synthesis of hemoglobin in the red blood cells, which promotes cellular regeneration and tissue repair in the skin.

The above factors are some of the concepts or rationales that make potatoes efficient for reducing skin stretch marks.

How to vanish my stretch marks occurred due to pregnancy?

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How can I decrease stretch mark on the legs?

How can I decrease stretch mark on legs? I have tried: Potato. I think it was caused by: Obesity

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