Utilize your Laptop as a TV to play your video games

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This article will discuss how you can utilize your PC to play your Xbox video games.


Use your Laptop as a TV to Play Xbox

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    Video Capture Card
    Before we get started, you need to purchase and install a video capture card on your Laptop. This is necessary to be able to perform the following steps. A video capture card will allow your computer the option to capture video signals. This is what you will be doing when you use your Laptop as a TV screen to play Xbox games.
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    When you purchase your video capture card, you will receive an installation CD that will allow you to install the necessary software to use the card. Make sure that you have installed everything the CD has to offer, in order to eliminate any issues you may face if the software was not downloaded correctly.
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    When your video card has the input connections set the same as the back of your TV, you'll know you have installed the software correctly. Next you need to input the Xbox connections into the card inlet slots (red, yellow, and white) or you can use your HD cable, but only if the computer is compatible with that type of feature. If you use an HDMI port on your card because the computer does not have the HD feature, the connection will not work properly, or display your game in the same way that the component cables do.
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    Start the program
    Now you will need to turn on your computer and start the program you downloaded in the installation process for the video capture card you purchased. You can also use Windows Media Player or any other program you use for viewing movies.
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    If you have done the installation process correctly, when you turn on your Xbox console, your Xbox start-up should now appear on your computer screen This means you have successfully completed the steps and now it is time to enjoy your game play!
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About Video Capture Cards=

What is a video capture card for? Why do I need it? Where can I purchase it? How much is it going to cost me?

Video Capture Cards

A video capture card is a video capturing device that is connected to your computer via PCI slots and, as it name implies, captures video signals. It is capable of converting analog signals to digital, depending on the Laptop's screen resolution. Older classes of these cards capture analog signals from composite or s-video cables, while newer classes today support digital signal such as Serial Digital Interface and HDMI.

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Video Capture Card for Analog/S-Video/Composite

This is a Jaton GeForce 6200 256MB DDR 338PCI-TV Video Graphics Card VGA S-Video Composite.

Videocard analog.jpg

Video Capture Card for Digital/HDMI/SDI

This is a Blu-ray 1080P MMI HDMI HD Video Converter PCI-E Video Capture Card.

Videocard hdmi.jpg

Where to Buy and How Much?

Video Capture cards are available at computer parts stores, or on the popular online stores such as amazon.com or ebay.com. You can get basic video capture cards for as low as $50. These are the ones for basic use and standard resolution. If you're Laptop is HD capable and you want the best resolution possible for your game, you might want to consider getting a capture card for HDMI, which will cost you a minimum of $130, and can cost up to $900 or even higher for the latest and high end brands. If you're not sure about what brand of device model to buy, it is always best to consult a certified technician to get helpful advice before buying a capture card.

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Questions and Answers

What software can I use for playing TV video games on Laptop?

Sometimes, software may not even be required, especially if your video game player has a rounded-end adapter or a USB adapter that can easily link to a Laptop. There are already various video games that are compatible with Windows computers. In this case, you just need to be playing it like you would play a USB, and run the video game. However, running it may not always be possible, and in some cases you will need to download certain applications to your computer. Usually, these particular applications are written on the video game manual to let you know which ones are compatible. At times, these software programs include an entire video game package, or they will provide you with a online link to download what you need.

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You can also try to use a NES Emulator, which is software that allows TV video games to run on a Windows computer. There are various links online that allow free download of this. Search for NES Emulator "Nestopia", as that is the most reliable version. It will give you a zip file, which you'll need to execute. Once done, a Nestopia window will open. This window is smaller than the MS-DOS window. What you will do here is drag .nes files of your favorite TV video games. These .nes files can also be downloaded for free. Just search for "Free NES ROM" and you will be directed to various sites where these are available for free.

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I have a pretty nice laptop. Can I use a HDMI cable to play my Xbox on the monitor?

I have the new touch screen Acer

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Can I simply play a video game on my laptop without having to "buy" or "modify" anything?

I'm not a gamer but need to play a few games for a job interview. I have no console, etc., just my laptop. I'm female and nothing much appeals to me except 'The History of the World According to Fallout'. Did I mention this needs to be free as well?

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How do I get my CD video game to play on Linux Mint?

I got a video game, and I want to know how to play it on my Laptop

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Alternative: No capture card, is there a way?

Okay is there any way to do it without a capture card? I have tried: Researching the problem. I think it was caused by: I don't know.

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