Utilize kids energy and need to play in your Gardening

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It is Summer time, Kids finished school, and have lots of energy, let them help you in gardening, and take photos of the results once finished to show their friends of their achievements


Lots of things you can share with your kids in helping you with your garden, choose things that are safe, and will show interesting results for them to brag about their achievements.

For example, I have 3 corners to break the wide green Ghazon Area. Each year, it needs De-weeding, This year, I shared cleaning and gave kids a hand fork to help loosen the soil and take the weeds off. I also asked them to take photos of before/after using their mobiles.

  1. 1
    Kid 1 Before
    Corner1 Before.jpg
    and After
    Coner1 After.jpg
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  2. 2
    Kid 2 Before
    Corner2 Before.jpg
    and After
    Corner2 After.jpg
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Kids had lots of fun removing the white river stones and washing them. Meanwhile, I aired the soil and finished De-weeding. At the end of the working day, kids were so excited for the next day to start arranging the stones once again. Being tired, they went to bed early and woke me up early next day to start arranging. One of the tasks, I gave them is to crush large soil bits to smaller ones, also to level the soil after finishing. So final results to brag about is like this:

Final Results.jpg

Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Make sure, you give kids simple and safe tasks to do, and NEVER leave them unattended.
  • De-weeding depends on the kind of weeds, some grow seeds, some use strong root system to preserve, so those with root system, you need to be sure to take out the whole root, leaving bits of the roots will grow soon.
  • Use a normal fork to break the soil up and help De-rooting the weeds.
  • You can use Weed Killer solution also, those work on large leaf weeds, make sure you do spray only on the weeds leafs, do that in the afternoon period, and leave it for the whole night to work on the weeds.
  • Make sure you give the kids enough and clear instructions to be safe, and watch them followup those instructions. It is a good idea to show them practically the benefits of following instructions and the hazards of not following.
  • Do not mind if the kids get down and dirty, as long as whatever they do in the garden is safe. Let them have smears of soil on their faces, arms, legs, or shirts, as long as their play does not get out of hand. Constant monitoring is a must.
  • If you can make a contest for them, do it. I gave each one of the kids a corner to work on.

Why Gardening May Be an Ideal Activity for Your Kids

  1. 1
    Kids do not mind getting dirty
    They really don't mind this, in fact they even enjoy it. Kids do not have a sense of cleanliness yet and anything dirty actually picks on their interest. Also, it becomes adventurous for them when they have to play without any restrictions on not soiling their clothes or being too careful about leaving the place clean.
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  • 2
    Kids are curious
    Gardening can fill every kid's curiosity because they can see a lot of things. They get to observe how soil absorbs water. They get to see how a plant is actually anchored to the soil to form a tree. They like the idea of having to dig in soil to put in seeds which they will see growing up eventually. Even when they see worms, that won't be enough to actually turn them off. In fact, they will even find that rather interesting.
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  • 3
    Kids enjoy the outdoors
    Most kids are born with a natural liking for the outdoors. They would always prefer playing outside than staying in one room and playing with their toys there. Nature inspires children and it leads them to be more creative.
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  • What You Need to Teach Your Kids Prior to Gardening

    Your gardening with your kids will be more worthwhile if you give them some background information. This way, they will be able to see the concept in real life and they get to take part in it. Therefore, these are the things that you need to brief them about prior to your actual immersion in the garden:

    1. 1
      A bit of botany lessons for kids will be good. You need to teach them about the structures of a plant so that whatever they see in the garden will actually make sense.
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    2. 2
      Proper care of plants
      In line with what they have just learned about plants and their structure, you may want to talk about the usual ways of caring for a plant as well. This will help them appreciate the importance of the things they will do in the garden and they will be compelled to do it properly.
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    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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