Utilize Bay Window Area in Your Home

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Ideas to Usefully Utilize your Bay Window

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    Reading corner
    Putting a couch by the bay window area or a small reading nook will make it a very cozy reading corner. This is because the area is private enough to develop full concentration on what you are reading. At the same time, having a good view of the surroundings outside is usually a good way to motivate good thoughts and faster assimilation of what is being read. If the weather is good, you can even keep the window slightly open so that you get to inhale some fresh air and hear some of the sounds of nature.
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    Visitor parlor
    You can also set up you bay window in a way that it will be able to accommodate about 2 more people. What you can do is setup a small rounded table and use smaller cushion chairs around it. This way, you can use your bay window area to entertain small groups of guests and have coffee or tea there. It will be a very cozy area in which you can do a bit of chit chat with your friends, without feeling too stiff or formal like you would feel when you use the formal dining area.
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    Book corner
    Not only can you make your bay window an area for reading, you can also keep your collection of books here. The shape of most bay Windows allow you to creatively put shelves in it that will be able to accommodate a good number of books. Take advantage of the nooks and crannies and you can easily fit books into it, without looking messy, as long you keep your books organized all the time.
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    Plants and flowers exhibition area
    If you like growing and taking good care of plants and flowers but do not like the outdoors so much, you can use your bay window area to showcase your gardening work. Another variation is to use a low-level shelf in which you can hang pots of plants. If you like more color aside from the colors of your flowers, you can use pots of different shapes and colors. This will make this area extremely attractive and playful, you will be surprised that you are able to capture the attention of your guests quite easily.
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