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Real Name: Alma
On Howik: over 10 years 7 months
Location: Regina, Canada

Alma lives in Regina, Canada

Loving mom of 3 boys. Workaholic and coffee drinker; better cold than hot weather, funny and positive.

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5 Articles Started5,227 Article Edits
41,836 Edits Patrolled11,701 Article Views
Articles Started (5) Rising Stars Date Views
Make Seed Bombs Seed Balls Craft Idea DIY 2016-03-25 453
Get Pregnant 2014-04-28 2,610
Boil Eggs 2014-04-22 3,370
Grow an Herb Garden 2014-04-03 1,145
Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home 2014-03-29 4,123
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Share Internet Connection with a Computer on Sony Xperia   2017-07-13 53,434
Make a No Sew Curtain Topper from Repurposed Old Cloth Napkins or Handkerchiefs 2017-07-13 4,785
Remove Gum from Your Hair and Clothes   2017-07-13 3,240
Will my hairline grow back? Hi I'm 18 years old and my hairline is already receding, men in my family have not lost all their hair but they have receding hairline which started at their 30's and I'm only 18, my eating habits haven't been the best, and I'v   2017-07-13 10,515
Write a Letter of Good Wishes   2017-07-13 80,335
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posted 2712 days ago

Thank you for the Rising Stars. It took me awhile to figure out what they are. I appreciate your kindness.

posted 2880 days ago

Hi, I would like to know how to reset my iFive X 9.7 Android Tablet, what physical buttons are needed to reset my device. I need help urgently please and thanks

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