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Real Name: Visihow Admin
On Howik: over 9 years 5 months
Location: United States

Visihow Admin lives in United States

I am the main admin for VisiHow. Contact me if you have problems and need help with anything. We are here to help.

My VisiHow Stats:
22 Articles Started2,489 Article Edits
3,412 Edits Patrolled253,383 Article Views
Articles Started (22) Rising Stars Date Views
Add Frog Images to Spice Up VisiHow 2013-11-15 4,686
See Important Pages on This Site 2013-11-05 3,229
Know What Nutrients an Apple Contains 2013-11-01 3,318
Add Items to the "Things to Do" Sidebar Menu 2013-10-27 1,033
Find and Expand a New Section Stub 2013-10-27 1,611
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Repair Windows 7 Black Screen of Death   2018-07-28 403,354
Open Developer Tools in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 2018-07-28 6,688
Install the Dark Mode in Google Chrome 2018-07-28 462
Install Android OS on PC using - Oracle VM virtual Box   2018-07-28 17,395
Doug's Saturday Morning with the Trending Report 2018-07-28 2,257
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