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Real Name: Marian Raquel F. Roncesvalles
On Howik: over 8 years 0 month
Location: Naga City, Philippines

Marian Raquel F. Roncesvalles lives in Naga City, Philippines

I leave inkblots wherever I go..I'm a passionate and driven mom-writer who loves to learn, unlearn, and relearn things whenever I can. I love the whole virtual whirlpool that thrives in diversity - which makes it all so exciting! This is something that I can do forever indeed; as I enjoy and love my craft whilst earning a steady income from it. "Do something you love and you'll never work a single day in your life." I derive inspiration and strength from my 3 lovely boys who continue to shape me into the best mom and person I could ever be. Kids really do teach you a thing or two about what really matters in life. Adults tend to over-analyze while children keep it simple. They see things you could miss even if it's right under your nose. ;) Juggling mommy chores and fidgeting on the keyboards takes a lot of balancing act. It never is easy. In fact, it's crazy, overwhelming, and chaotic. BUT, did I mention it's blissful, enriching, and empowering all at the same time? YES, I wouldn't dare think of trading places with someone else. I love creating with my mind as well as editing, revising, and adding up to life's content every single day. It's all about owning your stage and claiming success. Happiness is never just a feeling. You decide to be happy just the same way I decide to be a better mom, writer, and a person --- Yes in that particular order. ;)

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Prevent Sleepwalking in Children   2013-12-13 4,700
Treat Frequent Urination in Women   2013-12-08 6,432
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Treat Nausea and Vomiting   2014-04-11 7,127
Deal with parenting criticism   2014-04-10 8,930
Avoid Gossip in the Office   2014-03-27 3,416
Be Friends with Someone when They Might Have a Girlfriend 2014-03-26 2,862
Recover Quickly from Normal Childbirth   2014-03-24 1,507
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