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Real Name: estrella sacragon
On Howik: over 9 years 0 month
Location: pangasinan, Philippines

estrella sacragon lives in pangasinan, Philippines

An accountant and a law grad by profession, a writer at heart.

My VisiHow Stats:
69 Articles Started752 Article Edits
262,391 Article Views
Articles Started (69) Rising Stars Date Views
Politely Decline a Legal Request   2013-12-15 7,420
Choose the Right Supplemental Disability Insurance   2013-12-15 1,086
Treat a Hangover   2013-12-05 838
Use Echinacea to Improve Your Mood   2013-11-30 2,209
Use Sage and Henna to Darken Your Hair   2013-11-30 20,507
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Get a guy into the friendzone   2013-12-18 26,587
Make a Facebook Page   2013-12-18 593
Shoot Like a PRO Using an Ordinary Camera   2013-12-17 839
Replacing an Ipod touch screen   2013-12-17 651
Delete an app on an Apple iPhone   2013-12-17 1,040
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