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Real Name: Richelle
On Howik: over 9 years 1 month
Location: Caloocan City, Philippines

Richelle lives in Caloocan City, Philippines

Website http://richellevawork.wordpress.com/ http://gorgeousworkingmom.blogspot.com/

I'm creating my self to be a valuable Virtual Assistant. I'm starting to jump from the traditional work office to Virtual Jobs. I'm knowledgeable with different social media platforms, Wordpress building, Content writing and Photoshop editing.

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33,560 Article Views
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Compensate for Lost Sleep   2013-11-27 7,709
Utilize Playing to Help in Child's Holistic Development   2013-11-22 20,303
Determine if You Need Travel Insurance   2013-11-19 2,116
Determine if an Image You Are Using Is Stolen   2013-11-13 1,336
Improve Your Cardiovascular Health with Aloe Vera Remedies   2013-10-31 2,096
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Protect a Self Hosted WordPress Site from Hackers   2014-05-16 6,033
Survive a heat wave   2014-05-16 11,116
Make A Winged Eye Liner   2014-05-11 4,915
Find Cheap Domain Name Registration   2014-05-04 25,557
Garden Organically   2014-05-10 11,252
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posted 3126 days ago

Hi, there, Since you are using the meme, there is no need to watermark your photos. Meme is placing a green auto on the bottom.

Thank you. ~~~~

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