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Ian Gabriel T. Tolledo lives in Caloocan, Philippines

Website http://www.pinterest.com/iangabby/

Engage life one step at a time... Or if you want (and you're that energetic), you can just run and stumble as much as you want - your choice.

My VisiHow Stats:
75 Articles Started1,226 Article Edits
1,676,263 Article Views
Articles Started (75) Rising Stars Date Views
Fix Damage Caused by Not Warming Up Your Voice   2014-01-30 3,029
Get Rid of a Cold with Only Tea, Tissue and Honey Fast   2014-01-28 5,384
Use Blueberry to Treat Urinary Tract Ailments   2014-01-15 728
Backup eBooks Before iOS Update   2014-01-14 1,108
Add Friends on Xbox One   2014-01-13 18,345
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Send Images in Viber Chats on Microsoft Lumia 535 2016-05-08 1,163
What app can I download on my phone to see my boyfriends text messages on his phone   2016-05-08 198,446
Change Screen Timeout Time on HTC One M8 2016-05-08 727
Meet the Challenge of Asperger's Syndrome   2014-02-17 696
Speed-Up Your Metabolism Using Coconut Oil   2014-02-17 1,349
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