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Real Name: Melvin Magadia
On Howik: over 6 years 1 month
Location: Marikina , Philippines

Melvin Magadia lives in Marikina , Philippines

Family man, writer, gadget freak, friend, confidante

My VisiHow Stats:
16 Articles Started237 Article Edits
35,098 Article Views
Articles Started (16) Rising Stars Date Views
Make Bath Time Fun for Kids   2013-12-07 3,069
Recover from a Break Up   2013-12-07 1,306
Sync Contacts to an Android Phone Using Gmail   2013-12-05 1,571
Choose the Right Flooring for Your Home   2013-12-05 719
Find the Right Ski Size   2013-12-04 1,137
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Make Your Things Waterproof   2014-01-14 27,011
Get more sales on Fiverr   2014-01-14 16,669
Create A Virtual WI-Fi hotspot on your Laptop   2014-01-13 18,181
Get Promoted Fast in the Marines   2014-01-12 19,270
Become a lance corporal (Marines - E3)   2014-01-12 16,667
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