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Real Name: Yuliya
On Howik: over 9 years 5 months
Location: New York, United States

Yuliya lives in New York, United States

Website yuliya.contently.com

I'm a mother, gamer, writer, and general Jane of All Trades!

My VisiHow Stats:
35 Articles Started954 Article Edits
58,840 Article Views
Articles Started (35) Rising Stars Date Views
Transcribe a VisiHow Video Into an Article 2015-02-04 2,037
Set Up Windows 8 Ease of Access 2015-01-29 442
Set Up a Free Account on Age of Conan Unchained Video Game 2015-01-29 1,008
Set Up and Log Into StrongVPN 2015-01-28 857
Apply Natural-Looking Eyebrow Makeup 2015-01-27 614
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Remove Makeup Without Removing Your Contact Lenses or Damaging Your Eyes 2015-02-07 796
Tie a tie using a Four-in-Hand Knot and a Half Half Windsor Knot 2015-02-06 896
Play World of Warcraft for Free 2015-02-06 541
Set Up a Microsoft Account on Any Device With Your Web Browser 2015-02-06 499
Apply Nude Makeup at Home for a Natural and Beautiful Look 2015-02-05 2,958
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posted 2944 days ago

i have a grand prime i have tried pressing power home and volume up and factory restting it but it keeps asking for the pervious gmail and password that i dont know or have any way of getting i cant use my phone please help me

posted 3412 days ago

This is a good article on leash training a cat, however, I think we need some more tips and especially safety information in there.

When I tried this with our Sphinx, he was all claws and teeth one day, which I wasn't prepared for as he'd been calm and pleasant on our other walks. Another time a dog came up and tried to eat him, which caused him to climb up on my head (all claws again).

Neither of those were very pleasant experiences, so let's see if we can pleasantly forward our readers that unlike puppies, their cats or kittens can and will climb up them if they get scared.

posted 3420 days ago

Thumbs up can easily be done from the PL checker tool. You can get there by clicking the Community link, which is just to the left of the My Profile link at the top middle of the page.

Once you are on the community page, you can click the Patrol Recent Changes link, which is the first box on that page. This will open the Patrol Tool. There, you'll see four little tabs under the main green buttons. If you click the 'By User' tab, you'll be able to search for the user you want to give a thumbs up to - if their article is still in the patrol list.

For questions, it's very much a judgement call on your part. You should always use the correct answer, but there may be times where the incorrect answer has relevant points you could incorporate into the correct one. Generally though, the incorrect answer gets deleted, and the correct one stays.

If you'd like to practice answering some questions, please let me know. I can show you the tool we use for that, and explain how it works.

posted 3420 days ago

Images: The HOWikis standard is large full width images, but left or right aligned images aren't against the rules. It's just that square centered images are the preferred format. If the image you mentioned is good, why not center it and see how it looks? Just change |right| or |left| in the editor to |centered|, set the size to 600px, and see how it looks with preview. If it looks bad, cancel your edit and restart (since all you did was test how the image looked).

Questions: When someone asks a question, we prompt them for a little more information so we can have a better idea of exactly what they need help with. For example:

Question: "How do I tie my shoelaces?"

In this case, does the person want to know how to tie a single knot, a double, or perhaps they are trying to tie boots, which might be different if they have very long laces. Suddenly a question that seems very obvious and simple on the surface to the person asking the question becomes impossible to accurately answer.

Examples like this taught us that while everyone wants help with their question, not everyone knows how to ask for that help with relevant information. That is what the second part of a question is - relevant information. It's where we get more information from the user. This helps us, but it also lets us tweak a question so that other people reading it get the help they came for too. Here's what the first example should look like in our new system.

Question: "How do I tie my shoelaces?" I want to join the military, and I'm already in ROTC. The problem is that my boots come untied whenever we have to run. I'm too embarrassed to ask anyone to show me how to tie the laces, but if I keep tripping and falling, they'll kick me out. Help!

See how a little extra information completely changes the question and the tone of it? Now, if we have the same question asked multiple times, we can either delete the extra ones, or change them so that more people are helped. The most important part being that we never want to have duplicate answers on the same page.

A more important thing to remember is that when you see the same question over and over again, there's usually a problem with the article. Even if the article has good information, it might not be reaching everyone who needs help. In these cases, it's a good idea to double check the article. Many times you'll find that key steps were unintentionally skipped by a writer who was very knowledgeable about a topic, and forgot what it was like to be a new user.

For example, a computer tech might say to download and install a file, or clear the browser cache, never considering that the average user has no idea where their downloads folder is, or what a browser cache is. This would leave the user lost, and they would ask for help. As a result, you would see many questions about downloading files or clearing the cache. These sorts of questions are all an indication that an article needs some work (which is why it's being edited).

Does that all make sense? We've continued tweaking the system to guide people towards asking better questions, which lets us give them better answers. This helps more people. and that's what we're all about. It's also why we're always interested in suggestions that might improve the question and answer process.

posted 3420 days ago

I have looked over your edits, and they're great. We can absolutely edit and remove duplicate questions that do not add anything new, though for a little bit, I prefer that you mark them so I can check first.

In terms of editing question text, we try to avoid doing that all at once on an article with more than 15,000-20,000 or so views, as it's bad for the article. That's why I sent you lower view articles. We also are adding in bold italicized subtext to questions where it does not exist, or updating the existing subquestion texts to be bold italics.

Please have a look at the changes I made, and let me know if you have any questions. Good work. Thanks!

posted 3425 days ago
  • blue monster laughter can be heard in the distance*

Have a great weekend. I'll be around if you need me. I heard there were snacks somewhere, but I can't seem to find them.

posted 3425 days ago

Yes, you did good, and now shall be punished with more articles. ;)

posted 3425 days ago

Hmmm... (checks library)...

Ok, these are a little different, but feel free to pick and choose if you don't know about one, or prefer not to address it. They will work a little differently than some of the others, as these are more seasoned (higher view) articles, and I wanted to make sure you did ok with the others. For these, edit them up, make sure the images are big and centered (replace as needed), and answer any unanswered questions you are comfortable answering. Each time you finish one, let me know so I can go in and check it.

Also... and this is important when you are looking over the questions, if you see one that is repeated (not unique), please write in the article (DELETE), and let me know when you are done so that I can look it over and delete any duplicate / identical questions. Later you'll be able to delete them, but I need to see what you consider to be a duplicate first, to make sure we're on the same page.

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