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Real Name: Adrian Penaflor
On Howik: over 10 years 11 months
Location: United States

Adrian Penaflor lives in United States

Website VisiHow.com, askmefast.com

I'm a tech-know-how person. I deal with social media, how-to contents, and amendments.

My VisiHow Stats:
13 Articles Started593 Article Edits
1 Edits Patrolled2,562,361 Article Views
Articles Started (13) Rising Stars Date Views
Upgrade Your Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 2013-11-08 976
Play Old DOS Games Using Dosbox 2013-11-05 4,998
Stream Video from Samsung Galaxy S4 to SmartTV 2013-10-11 30,312
Use Graph Search on Facebook 2013-09-30 728
Stream Videos From Samsung Galaxy S3 to Xbox 360 2013-09-28 96,801
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Know a Guy Is Into You   2014-03-26 6,433
Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest   2014-01-24 63,803
Do Well in an Interview   2014-01-14 692
Set Up Live TV with Your Xbox One   2014-01-13 10,033
Remove SIM Card on iPad   2014-01-10 1,214
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