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Real Name: Kathleen
On Howik: over 9 years 10 months
Location: Manila, Philippines

Kathleen lives in Manila, Philippines

Website http://howik.com/User:Kathleen_Joy

Kid at heart. Weird in a good way. Existence with essence.

My VisiHow Stats:
7 Articles Started346 Article Edits
15,680 Article Views
Articles Started (7) Rising Stars Date Views
Create an Instagram Account   2013-12-20 2,487
Cook Buttered Chicken for Christmas   2013-12-18 576
Create a Facebook Profile   2013-12-17 1,436
Cook a Pasta Dish with Only Three Ingredients   2013-12-16 805
Bake a Red Velvet Cupcake   2013-12-13 1,410
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Have a successful first date (for the guys)   2013-12-20 3,678
Create an Instagram Account   2013-12-20 2,487
Not bother your busy boyfriend   2013-12-19 105,926
Help Your Children Succeed In School   2013-12-19 1,034
Deal with an obsessive boyfriend   2013-12-19 9,993
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