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Real Name: Jacob
On Howik: over 8 years 7 months
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Jacob lives in Tbilisi, Georgia

Website http://howikis.com/

My VisiHow Stats:
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Articles Started (5) Rising Stars Date Views
Build Minor Scales (Natural, Harmonic, Melodic) 2014-10-24 8,121
Build Major Scales (Natural, Harmonic, Melodic) 2014-10-17 4,049
Speed Up Your Windows 8 PC or Laptop 2014-10-14 976
Play Legato, Non-Legato, and Staccato Notes on the Piano 2014-10-13 7,294
Make Your Piano Playing Fingers Stronger and Faster 2014-10-08 16,760
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Show files hidden by a computer virus using command prompt   2014-11-14 52,731
SHV-160l Note, is it original   2014-11-14 189,365
My iRULU Android tablet won't Factory Reset   2014-11-14 23,617
Not finding the combination of buttons to Hard reset iRULU y1 pro Babypad   2014-11-14 21,148
How to unlock an Android mobile without internet?   2014-11-14 38,770
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posted 3143 days ago

... I thought Beethoven's Hair was just a joke, and then I looked it up, and now it's on my reading list. !

posted 3148 days ago


posted 3151 days ago

Thank you for your article on speeding up Windows 8. It looks good, but there are a few steps where we could use some more screen shots. Please let me know if you need help with this, and I will assist. Thanks for a great article, now let's make it even better!

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