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Real Name: Graeme
On Howik: over 7 years 5 months
Location: United Kingdom

Graeme lives in United Kingdom

I have quit this site because of the treatment of the writing workforce by the management and staff. Management always sets the tone and this site does not deserve the good writers that it has. Do yourselves a favor and find someone else to write for, you will be very disappointed here!

My VisiHow Stats:
10 Articles Started601 Article Edits
2,915 Edits Patrolled30,467 Article Views
Articles Started (10) Rising Stars Date Views
Change a Kitchen Faucet   2013-11-21 607
Grow Herbs Through Aquaponics   2013-11-21 4,585
Find and Travel the Polar Express & Other Christmas Trains   2013-11-20 4,281
Remove Stains from Your Carpet   2013-11-18 710
Grow Rhubarb   2013-11-17 1,707
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Create Shade Using a Beach Umbrella and a planter   2013-12-12 3,427
Prevent Having Different Kinds of Foot Diseases   2013-12-12 4,498
Deal with a Workplace Relationship   2013-12-12 2,578
Download Wikipedia for Offline Reading   2013-12-12 7,140
Adjust to Moving to a Big City   2013-12-12 11,823
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