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Real Name: Graciela Franchesca Rosario
On Howik: over 9 years 1 month
Location: Mangaldan , Philippines

Graciela Franchesca Rosario lives in Mangaldan , Philippines

I like doing some gig. I want that I am busy. And love to work on things that makes be comfortable and happy.

My VisiHow Stats:
28 Articles Started981 Article Edits
1,001,303 Article Views
Articles Started (28) Rising Stars Date Views
Make Crispy Fried Chicken Perfect Every Time   2013-11-30 1,294
Peel Ginger Easily   2013-11-28 1,159
Make a Signature   2013-11-28 391,012
Poach an Egg   2013-11-27 1,704
Swim Faster   2013-11-26 5,045
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Keep car from getting towed   2013-12-17 104,194
Jump Start Your Car's Battery   2013-12-17 19,094
Use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3 2013-12-17 568,135
Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone   2013-12-17 4,595,852
Charge the iPhone 5   2013-12-17 12,932
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