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Real Name: Ermin
On Howik: over 7 years 11 months
Location: Philippines

Ermin lives in Philippines

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Articles Started (47) Rising Stars Date Views
Use Essential and Non-Essential Clauses in a Sentence   2013-12-07 5,775
Teach a Poem to Your College Students - Different Ways to Teach Poetry   2013-12-05 31,429
Know the Health Benefits of Strawberries   2013-12-03 1,738
Know the Health Benefits of Blueberries   2013-12-02 1,303
Know the Health Benefits of Bananas   2013-12-02 3,591
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Care for Your Dog During Cold Weather   2014-01-06 7,212
Remove blood stains   2014-01-06 6,678
Make homemade insect / mosquito repellent   2014-01-06 62,223
Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4   2014-01-03 159,216
Get More Twitter Followers Without Cheating   2014-01-02 1,450
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