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Real Name: Zornitsa Bukovska
On Howik: over 9 years 6 months
Location: Burgas, Bulgaria

Zornitsa Bukovska lives in Burgas, Bulgaria

Website http://www.riders.live

I have been working as a reporter since 2008. I have written for a Naval magazine in my country and at the moment I am managing two sports websites. I am very keen on sports like motorcross, road racing, etc. I can also write about any other topic from the life that surrounds us.

My VisiHow Stats:
2 Articles Started124 Article Edits
5,975 Article Views
Articles Started (2) Rising Stars Date Views
Make a Martenitsa   2013-12-08 3,760
Cook a Bulgarian Banitsa   2013-12-06 2,215
Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Get your car sponsored (racers)   2014-01-14 1,222
Make a Refreshing Dish Garden   2014-01-14 13,111
Use Emoji on Samsung Galaxy S3 2014-01-09 568,147
Adjust with moving to a small town   2014-01-09 9,788
Make Chocolate Brownies   2014-01-09 3,033
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