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Real Name: Doug Collins
On Howik: over 9 years 11 months
Location: Windsor, Canada
Website: VisiHow.com

Doug Collins lives in Windsor, Canada

Website VisiHow.com

I love snowboarding in whistler & banff. I like building stuff with my kids like skateboard and bike ramps, halfpipes, etc. You should see my driveway lol. Its a neighborhood skate park :)

My VisiHow Stats:
38 Articles Started5,487 Article Edits
1,602 Edits Patrolled86,656 Article Views
Articles Started (38) Rising Stars Date Views
Install VSCODE (Visual Studio Code) Sync-Rsync on Windows 10 Using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) 2019-04-21 352
Add Placeholder to Multiple Child Elements of Contenteditable Div 2019-04-04 71
Make a DIY Home Spa Steam Facial 2016-04-02 177
Up Cycle a Metal Plant Stand DIY 2016-04-02 282
Make a DIY Vintage Chair Planter 2016-04-02 170
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
What search button do I press to get to Google search?   2019-05-01 23
Install VSCODE (Visual Studio Code) Sync-Rsync on Windows 10 Using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) 2019-04-21 352
Signs Your Boyfriend Wants to Break Up with You 2019-04-09 87,180
Add Placeholder to Multiple Child Elements of Contenteditable Div 2019-04-30 71
Check Your Data Usage with USSD Codes 2019-01-05 29,685
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posted 2441 days ago

Am I still a part of visihow? If i am, I would like to write. With pay,of course.

posted 2791 days ago

Yes I love it. My first time hearing about the website was the day I did the article so I was trying to figure it out about how to work certain things. But, yes I absolutely love it. Its fine for them to comment here thsys totally fine. I added that they can contact me because I didn't just really know how everything worked. Have you gotten a chance to listen to any of my music yet? I pray and hope you can get a chance to listen to it and that you are tremendously blessed by it.

posted 2792 days ago

Wow! That is amazing information! Thanks for being so welcoming to m . Niceness seems to not be around when you're new sometimes lol. However I decided to come on your website because I feel that as a having previous vocal issues that what I've been through I can help someone else overcome vocal problems or catch the issues before they come. I feel I owe singers that muc . I work with many of them and a lot of them don't know what to do when they have issues with there vocals besides an old remedy. I just want to help

posted 3120 days ago

Hi Doug, Thanks for reading, and improving my wiki! I like writing, and I am a bit of a nerd. I love the internet and the ability to share infinite knowledge with others. I'm the type that likes to have an answer for any question anyone has, so feel free to send article requests my way. I joined VisiHow to try and test myself and see if I could contribute to a writing community in some way. Thanks for the welcome, seems as though I have found a neighborly community, which is great.

posted 3275 days ago

Hi Doug,

Do you need writers for tech stuff? Please let me know.

I can handle writing new wikis or answering user queries.

posted 3284 days ago

I changed the size so it's not fuzzy. Looks good!

posted 3284 days ago

They actually don't only live in mattresses, they're all over the place. I'm pretty sure my infestation came from my neighbor through the walls, my bed was perfectly clean. These traps are especially useful if you don't know where the bugs are coming from. (I think I'll add this explanation to the wiki!)

posted 3328 days ago

Hi Doug! Do you need some help with howikis? Please let me know. I can work by the hour or per task / article or bytes.

posted 3469 days ago

Thanks for the info. Will get to the cake tomorrow.

posted 3470 days ago

I am making an article on moist chocolate cake. There is just one more experiment I want to try, however, before I send the article in. Wish me luck.

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