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Real Name: Denise Naugle
On Howik: over 7 years 1 month
Location: Pontotoc, Mississippi, United States

Denise Naugle lives in Pontotoc, Mississippi, United States

Website thenaugleministries.webs.com www.cdbaby.com/denisenaugle

I am a worship leader from Mississippi. I was born and raised here in Mississippi, I am married. I recently released my second worship album entitled "Heart of a worshipper" which has sales in Japan London and Austrailia. the music is availaible every where digitally such as Google play iTunes amazon and many many more places. my goal is souls. I am very serious about the kingdom of God. I love God and his people and my goal is to enhance the knowledge of singers, minstrels, worship leaders and musicians to help them know about the different aspects of being who they are as levitical priest hood. Tilling the ground for the people of God, and to enhance knowledge for singers concerning information on vocal ability.

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posted 2611 days ago

Do you like what we did with the article you wrote? Did you want us to allow user questions from your article to come to you?

posted 2612 days ago

Wow thanks so much for contributing such an awesome article. I took some time to add pictures and do a little editing. Let me know what you think. BTW. I am also a Christian. For the past 10 years we have held a worship night in our living room. Two local Christian artists have recorded CDs in our living room which now are on the radio!! Our passion is to seek the presence of our King Jesus! So its great to meet someone passionate about or Lord! Welcome to VisiHow. BTW can you tell me why you chose to join and write on our website. Its important for me to know so we can grow :)

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