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Real Name: Christine Cruz
On Howik: over 9 years 2 months
Location: Sta. Maria, Philippines

Christine Cruz lives in Sta. Maria, Philippines

The lady who loves having the last word and the last slice of pizza.

My VisiHow Stats:
9 Articles Started297 Article Edits
80,982 Article Views
Articles Started (9) Rising Stars Date Views
Start Your Own Mobile Phone Loading Business   2013-12-13 63,349
Organize Your Desktop Icons for Windows OS   2013-12-07 4,851
Create an Email Address   2013-12-05 1,788
Motivate Yourself to Study   2013-12-03 1,557
Create Secure but Easy to Remember Passwords   2013-11-26 3,926
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Articles Edited Rising Stars Date Views
Get a date with a girl quickly   2013-12-18 5,109
Have Good Health   2013-12-18 1,204
Meet the Challenge of Cleanliness   2013-12-18 1,220
Keep Your Room Clean   2013-12-18 1,624
Start Your Own Mobile Phone Loading Business   2013-12-20 63,349
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posted 3339 days ago

BTW, you are part of the BLUE Team...Please add me in Skype so you can join us in the Blue Window...the official window for our team. See yah!!

posted 3339 days ago

Hi Christine, i can see that you are editing/amending (already)this article http://howik.com/Make_Painting_Easier_Using_Simple_Tricks. Did you check the Discussion beforehand? I have posted there that I am working on it. I am about to publish now in less than 24 hrs. How do we address this? You should give me enough time to finish before you make any amendment. Please contact me when you can. Thanks. Nerissa

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