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Real Name: Christine Carol Ansing
On Howik: over 5 years 4 months
Location: Davao City, Philippines

Christine Carol Ansing lives in Davao City, Philippines

Website http://www.askmefast.com/categorydetail.php?cmd=ulist&userid=10762229

Loves color pink. An online gamer. AP Carry, AD Carry, Tank, Solo Top, and Support at League of Legends.

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Host a Perfect Baby Shower   2014-05-02 29,889
Color Moods for Different Rooms   2014-03-28 3,371
Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids   2014-02-02 206,550
Avoid Foot Pain While Wearing High Heels   2014-01-30 11,097
Choose clothing colors that complement your skin tone   2014-01-30 230,274
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posted 1949 days ago

Welcome to Howik.com Carolpink4ever! Looking forward to seeing your contributions

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